Yokis is a complete range of digital modules for simple control of lights,
blinds, heating and automatic systems.

Yokis system at a glance

Lighting Control & Dimming

Yokis offers a variety of practical lighting control features, including timers and precise dimming control.

Blind Control

Yokis can effortlessly open and close window shutters or blinds, using the existing motors and wiring systems.

Heating Management

Yokis can helpfully control the heating system in a smarthome, providing greater convenience and energy efficiency.

Voice Control

Yokis is compatible with voice assistants, allowing the user to control their smart home by simply using their voice.

App Control

The free YnO app is available for Android and iOS, allowing the resident to easily control lights, shutters, alarm systems and more; such as turning lights off, even if the resident is not at home.

Door Entry Integration

Yokis can integrate with Urmet’s door entry systems to conveniently manage centralised controls on the apartment station, such as using one button to turn all lights off.


The Yokis system offers automated timing for all smart home features and scenarios, such as all lights off at 10pm or blinds open at 7am.

Irrigation Control

The irrigation control features can easily automate or control sprinklers.

Remote controls

Numerous smart home features can be activated at the touch of a button, using just one remote control.

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System Summary

  • Micro modules easy to install
  • No dedicated wiring required modules connect to existing electrical wiring circuits
  • Simple set up of radio bus for centralised control
  • No PC required for basic set up
  • All Yokis modules are electronic with next generation microprocessors for performance and silent operation
  • 5 year warranty
  • Duplicate systems can be created for multi dwelling applications such as new build housing or apartment developments


  • Yokis modules can be programmed using the Yokis Pro app and Yokey dongle
  • Home hub available for user app and voice control ‐ compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Compatible with Urmet door entry touchscreens and monitors

Yokis Projects

Denham Film Studios, Buckinghamshire

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