Yokis Smart Home Control

Yokis Voice Control - compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Residents can control their home simply with voice commands.  Lights can be turned on and off and the intensity of the light can be adjusted by speaking to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. In addition, shutters, doors and other devices can be managed quickly and easily, either directly or using scenarios.

Using standard retractive switches for on/off and dimming

A retractive switch is just one that returns to its original state after being pressed. Retractive switches are widely available from all mainstream brands; some also include alternative types such as toggle retractive switches too.

Standard Yokis micro module pre-sets
Press once - Last Level
Press twice - 100%
Press three times - 50%
Press four times - Lowest level

Yokis App Control

Residents can download the free Yokis YnO app to control lighting, dimming, scenarios, all on/all off and blind control.

Urmet Max Pro touchscreen control (Yokis inside)

Resident’s homes have a multi-functional touchscreen with Urmet door entry and Yokis embedded app for wireless control of lighting and scenarios; including all on/all off, dimming and blind control.

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