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Urmet offers the latest in Smart Home technology by enabling the wireless control of lighting, scenarios, light dimming, blind control and “all on/all off” lighting. By downloading the Yokis Alexa skill, residents can use voice control to activate their lighting and blinds, or alternatively, these can be controlled via the Google Assistant. Our professional solution to entry-level lighting control provides the flexibility to use Yokis lighting technology as a standalone product (controlled by standard retractive light switches) with the YnO app, with voice controlled devices or through our Max Pro touchscreens. The Max Pro touchscreens have Yokis Inside allowing wireless integration between the touchscreen and the Yokis technology so that lighting can be controlled in a way which suits the resident. The touchscreens can be installed in a resident’s home with the Urmet door entry app, this allows the resident to see who is at their door and to view video recordings created by visitors.

Yokis was a finalist in the Smart Building Awards 2019 in the Best Lighting Control category.

Denham Film Studios, apartments

Site Type

Urmet supplies IPercom video entry for Denham Film Studios apartments

System Type

IPercom video entry, IPassan network proximity access control, Yokis lighting control

System Description

1 Elekta Steel panel, 15 Max Pro 7” IP touchscreens powered by Android, 1 panel mount reader and 1 P60 reader. 300 Yokis lighting control micro modules (typical 20 circuits), home hub for app control

Denham Film Studios, townhouses

Site Type

Urmet supplies Max Pro for Denham Film Studios townhouses

System Type

Max Pro with Yokis lighting control

System Description

70 Max Pro 7” IP touchscreens powered by Android, 1400 Yokis lighting control micro modules (typical 20 circuits), electric garage control, home hub for app control

Augustus Lodge, Chigwell

Site Type

IPervoice IP video entry and IP access control systems at Augustus Lodge for Higgins Homes.

System Type

Yokis lighting control and IPervoice

System Description

12 Max Pro powered by Android IP PoE 7” touchscreens, Yokis lighting control with hub and app. IP network, 1 Elekta Steel IP PoE entry panel, 2 Elekta Glass IP PoE entry panels, 3 panel mount readers, RF readers for underground car park.

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