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App-based technology proves a winner for Urmet

Urmet’s app-based integration platform on its Max IP video entry systems using Android – unique among mainstream door entry manufacturers – is proving a big hit among residential property developers.
The Max touchscreen – 10,800 of which have already been shipped in little over a year – is a sleek, versatile 7-inch screen that incorporates touch-sensitive technology and provides a platform for video door entry, home security and smart home automation (including energy display, and property management).

The Max Pro Android version offers third parties the opportunity to install their apps at a professional level – manufacturer to manufacturer. Urmet already has collaborative arrangements with leading manufacturers and suppliers of smart home automation, property management systems and energy solutions. Prior to installation and in conjunction with the developer, Urmet works with third-party manufacturers to install their services. Developers can even have their own branding incorporated into screen pages.

Depending on the apps supplied, residents can adjust their home automation settings, such as heating and lighting scenarios, or be notified of a parcel delivery or other messages. They can also book on-site amenities such as pool, spa and private cinema, where available.

“In most cases, the apartment developer identifies the manufacturers they want us to partner and then we get to work,” explains Mark Hagger, Sales Director “The end result is the apartment developer gets a ‘day one’ multifunction touchscreen using a familiar app-based interface. It’s like a tablet on the wall, dedicated to the apartment’s home network and the broader landlord’s or community’s services.”

The advantages of the Max Pro Android include quick integration and industry-leading app partners, offering a reduction in the need for multiple devices to be installed on an apartment wall. The Max Pro Android also allows residents the freedom of receiving video entry calls on their smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world.

The technology is available on Max Pro and Max Lite touchscreen models and has already been installed successfully in a range of developments in London, including Colindale Gardens, North London and South Gardens, Elephant Park, while commitments from new clients such as Canary Wharf further demonstrate its popularity.

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