The Transit + system is an advanced access controller
managing up to two MIFARE Plus® readers

Transit + system at a glance

2 wire readers

Only two wires are required for our readers, ensuring a quick and simple installation

2 door controller

One controller is capable of managing up to two doors.

App based programming

Fob tokens can quickly and easily be programmed via the intuitive app.

RF reader option

Transit + provides the option to conveniently gain access via remote control.

MIFARE Plus® AES 128 bit encryption

High levels of encryption are offered through this certified security level, providing greater protection against cloning.

Bluetooth® programming

Secure Bluetooth communication allows for simple programming and quick data transfer

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System Summary

  •  2 reader ports
  • 5000 credentials
  • RF reader option for remote control access
  • MIFARE Plus® with AES 128‐bit encryption offers a high level of cloning protection
  • Upgradable firmware via mini USB port using app
  • Designed for wall mount or standard DIN Rail mounting
  • The Transit + controller operates from a 12VDC input
  • Secured by Design Certified as a Critical Component Part


  • Programming app compatible with Android devices
  • NFC enrolment of the credential in the App. By placing the MIFARE Plus® credentials against your smartphone, you can quickly and easily enrol the fob or remote control ID into the app data base
  • Bluetooth® communication with the controller, once credentials are programmed inside the App, transfer all data in one click

Transit+ Projects

Chapel Riverside, Southampton

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