What does this mean?

Before the UL293 certification, Door Entry & Access Control products could only be Secured by Design accredited as a component part of an approved doorset.

This means that the individual Door Entry & Access Control products themselves were not actually accredited by Secured by Design (note that even though the individual Door Entry & Access Control products weren’t accredited by Secured by Design, independent tests confirm they did not reduce the overall security of the doorset they were installed into, hence Secured by Design accreditation is given to the doorset as a whole).

This is how many Door Entry & Access Control manufacturers claim accreditation by Secured by Design (it’s allowed, we checked).

This means that as the complete doorset is tested (by the approved test house) to Secure by Designs requirements, you have to use that exact doorset to be Secured by Design compliant. You cannot mix and match doorsets or Door Entry/Access Control products in a project, and if you did, you would invalidate the Secured by Design accreditation of the project as a whole. If any component is changed from the doorset that was originally tested, that doorset combination would not be Secured by Design accredited.

So, to ensure that Access Control products could be individually accredited by Secured by Design, they collaborated with UL (a global standards and certification body) to develop the UK specific UL293 certification. This allows Door Entry & Access Control devices to be tested individually (separate to the doorset) to high UL standards.

Traditionally, the testing of the doorset is mainly physical (to prevent forced access). However, UL293 testing subjects Access Control products to electronic & durability tests as well, so you can be sure that any product that is UL293 certified has been extensively and rigorously tested.

UL293 certification means that if your project is being developed according to Secured by Design guidelines, you can choose any UL293 certified product as an individual, standalone unit and still be assured that your project is Secured by Design compliant.

The tiles below give some great examples of what scenarios do and don’t meet Secured by Design requirements…

Non UL Certified Product as a part of a Certified Doorset

This meets Secured by Design requirements

Because the doorset as a whole is accredited, then the individual Door Entry/Access Control product does not have to be UL293 certified.

Non UL Certified Product as part of a Non Certified Doorset

This does not meet Secured by Design requirements.

If the individual product is not UL293 certified, then using it within an uncertified doorset will hinder the Secured by Design Development Award Certificate application for the project.

UL Certified Product in a Certified Doorset

This fully meets the requirements of Secured by design.

This scenario is great! Not only do you have a Door Entry/Access Control product that is UL293 certified individually, but it can be placed within any certified doorset accredited by Secured by Design.

UL Certified Product in a Non Certified Doorset

This does not meet the requirements of Secured by Design.

Although a UL293 certified product can be used individually, if a non-certified doorset is used in the project then this will hinder the Secured by Design Development Award Certificate application for the project as a whole, even though individual Door Entry/ Access Control product is Secured by Design accredited.

So, if you choose a product that has UL293 certification, be sure to also use a certified doorset that is accredited by Secured by Design.

UL293 Certified Product Not in Doorset

This meets the requirement of Secured by Design!

Any product that is UL293 certified can be used as an individual, standalone product anywhere in or on the building, and still be Secured by Design compliant!

This is why when specifying or installing a project that has to be Secured by Design compliant, it is always best to choose UL293 certified products.

Which Urmet Products are UL293 Certified?

Urmet have BOTH Door Entry & Access Control products that are UL293 certified.

This means that Urmet can provide a Secured by Design UL293 certified, integrated Door Entry AND Access Control solution – giving you peace of mind that when choosing Urmet, both your Door Entry & Access Control systems will be Secured by Design compliant.

To achieve UL293 compliance, we had 3 core products tested, these being…

Door Entry

2Smart Stainless Steel Video Entry Panel

  • Vandal Resistant
  • 4″ Colour TFT Display with Presence Sensor
  • DDA Compliant
  • Built-In IPassan Panel Mount Reader
  • Voice Announcements with display icons

Access Control

4 Door Base Controller

  • Controls Different Access Points to a Building
  • Main Component of our IPassan IP Access Control system
  • Inputs/Outputs for Connections to Readers or Request to Exit Switches

12 Output Expander

  • Increases the Amount of Outputs on a Base Controller by 12
  • Remote, Upgradable Firmware
  • Powered by Controller or Base Module

To find out more about any of the products listed above, simply click on the product image to visit the dedicated product page!

What is Everyone Saying?

Manji Gami

Managing Director, Urmet UK

If your tender documentation has a requirement for a ‘Secured by Design approved Door Entry & Access Control system’, rest assured that Urmet will truly meet the specification.

Without any doubt we can say that Secured by Design, UL293 and the wealth of experience that DOCO’s bring to any development in improving the safety and security of a building should not be underestimated.

We at Urmet look forward to more developers embracing Secured by Design standards.

Flavio Romano

Director of Global Sales, UL Built Environment

As the global safety science leader, we approach everyday with the mission to make the world a safer place by helping our customers achieve their safety and security goals.

By achieving UL 293, the first standard for building access control units, Urmet is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to helping prevent crime and improve the security of buildings as safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

Lyn Poole

Development Officer, Secured by Design

It’s great to see that a company such as Urmet UK have both an extensive range of products tested as critical components of a LPS 1175 Premier Fire & Security doorset, but they have also had core components of Door Entry & Access Control tested to UL293 standard, namely their 2Voice 2Smart Panel (EP-2SMART-SS) and their IPassan Access Unit (1104/921).

If you would like to talk to the Urmet team about our Secured by Design UL293 certification, then you can do so by clicking the button below…

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