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Up to 4 Different Users per Apartment

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Call forwarding is achieved using the Urmet Multi-User Call Forwarding Device. The multi-user call forwarding device is quick and simple to install, as it is setup directly from the CallMe App. This means there is no need to enter each apartment to configure the device.

The multi-user call forwarding device supports up to…

Apartments per 2Voice Riser
Apartments per Site

The multi-user call forwarding device arrives with a power supply, but not with a 4G router/built-in internet connection. Internet is required to make this device function.

This device is a building device, as opposed to an apartment device – meaning that it doesn’t need to be installed in each individual apartment.

It has 3 main outputs; one for the power supply which comes with the product, one for the 2Voice 2 Wire BUS connection, and the last output is used for an internet connection (either the building internet of a 4G router).

To find out more about the multi-user call forwarding device, click the image below…

How does it Work?

To setup the multi-user call forwarding device, the installer must connect the device to either an internet connection (building/4G Router).

Once this is complete, the installer must download the CallMe App, where they can setup and configure the system directly from the mobile app.

The Call Forwarding device requires a specific ID number from each of the apartment monitors (set using DIP switches), the device then uses this ID number to forward calls from the panel to the correct smartphone device.

Once the system has been configured, and the correct ID numbers have been inputted, this configuration is sent from the app to the multi-user call forwarding device. When this happens, the CallMe App automaticaly goes into test mode; the installer can now run tests to ensure that the device and system are working correctly.

Once testing is complete, the installer will need to provide the building manager with the next steps, so they can finish setting up the system (sending the activation email to the residents).

The building manager remotely manages the CallMe App users (residents) on the CallMe Manager PC Software.

This software acts much like an access control system, as the building manager can add, edit and delete users- this is important to maintain the security of the building, and is a Secured by Design compliance guideline.

All of the necessary instructions to finish the set up of the call forwarding system will be provided by the installer to the building manager on install.

Once the resident has been set up by the building manager, they will receive an email with a PDF attached, informing them of how they can activate call forwarding to their smartphone.

It couldn’t be simpler, the resident follows the instructions on the PDF and downloads the Urmet CallMe App – which is free to download both on Android and iOS. Once downloaded, the resident will need to:

  • Create an account on the CallMe App
  • Scan the QR code provided in the PDF on the email they have received

The setup process is complete!

The resident can now enjoy the full benefits of call forwarding to their smartphone.

There are other features for the resident too, for example, a master user can be set up on the CallMe App. This master user can add up to 3 more users on their CallMe account, meaning that if there are multiple residents within one apartment, they can all enjoy the full benefits of call forwarding directly to their smartphones.

NOTE: The master user can also delete users from their CallMe account, should one of the residents move away.

Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?

It’s important to remember that the Urmet solution achieves call forwarding to a mobile app using a 2 wire system!

Not convinced yet? Well, there are 5 other reasons as to why the Urmet solution is the best, check them out below…

Flexible Installation

The multi-user call forwarding device can be installed on both new and existing systems!

2Voice can work using existing building cabling (CAT5 and BT CW1308)- meaning that the multi-user call forwarding device is perfect for retrofits or system upgrades!

Low Cost

There are NO license charges when using the CallMe App.

The CallMe App is also FREE to download from the Android and iOS App Stores.

Perfect Upgrade

The Urmet CallMe App supports both video and audio calls, independent of the monitor in the residents’ apartment. 

This means, if the resident has an audio only monitor in their apartment, but a video entry panel on the building entrance, they can still receive video calls on their phone through the CallMe App!

Familiar Management

The CallMe Manager software is just like an access control system, as it provides the building manager with the ability to remotely add, delete and edit users.

Secured by Design

The CallMe Manager software allows the building manager to remotely add, edit and delete users from the system, which is a Secured by Design compliance guideline.

This is ideal for when a resident moves away, as the former residents’ permissions can be quickly revoked, and new permissions can be provided to the new resident, therefore helping to keep the building secure.

What’s the Best Application?

The Urmet Multi-User Call Forwarding solution is ideal for any of the following applications…

Refurbishment Installations

Single Block Residential

Multi-Block Residential

New Build Installations

Retrofit Systems

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Urmet Multi-User Call Forwarding Device, then you can do so by clicking the images below…

Multi-user Call Forwarding Device


Alternatively, if you have a project specific enquiry, or would just like to chat to the Urmet Team about our Call Forwarding solution, you can start a conversation with us by clicking the button below…

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is for 2 reasons…

  1. It is designed around Secured by Design guidelines, which state there must be a fail safe device in the apartment.
  2. Each apartment monitor has an ID number which is set using DIP switches. The call forwarding device needs this ID number to correctly forward calls to the correct smartphone.

Yes, if you have a video entry panel and an audio only monitor, the CallMe app will still display the video from the panel.