Smartphone calling gives residents the ability to receive, and answer a call from an Urmet Door Entry Panel, directly on their smartphone.

All the resident needs is an active internet connection, and the Urmet CallMe App on their smartphone and they’ll be able to answer a call from anywhere in the world.

The best bit?

Smartphone calling doesn’t require any additional licenses, and is completely free for residents, so there’s no ongoing maintenance costs.

CallMe is Free to Download on the App Store

Download on both iOS & Android

Low cost, with no additional licenses required

Receive calls from anywhere in the World

Smartphone calling is available for both our Door Entry systems; IPerCom (IP) & 2Voice (2 Wire).

How does it work for the resident?

Say that the resident is on holiday abroad, and a friend visits their apartment to feed the cat, and water their plants, and needs access to the building whilst the resident is away.

The friend will call the residents’ apartment from the front entrance Door Entry panel, and the monitor in the residents’ apartment will ring.

At this point, the call will also be automatically forwarded to the residents smartphone, and as long as the resident has an active internet connection, their phone will ring.

When looking at their phone, the resident will see the below…

The resident can choose to answer, or decline the call, as well view the Entry Panel camera feed before answering, so they can see who is calling, just like the below…

If the resident decides to decline the call, then the call is terminated for both the resident, and the visitor. However, if they decide to answer, then they’ll see the following screen…

The resident will now be able to engage in a 2-way audio & video conversation with their friend (the visitor) at the Entry Panel.

From this screen, the resident can choose to mute themselves, end the call entirely, or grant their friend (the visitor) access to the building, by opening the door/gate directly from the CallMe App.

During the call, the resident even has the ability to take snapshots of the Entry Panel camera feed, these snapshots can then be saved to the residents’ phone for future viewing.

With the Urmet Smartphone Calling solution, the resident is always home.

How is it managed?

Smartphone Calling is centrally & remotely managed by the building manager, using the CallMe Manager Software.

This software allows the building manager to have complete control over the Smartphone Calling system (which is a Secured by Design guideline).

The CallMe Manager Software has been described as similar to an Access Control system, as it gives the building manager the ability to remotely add users (up to 4 per apartment), as well as edit their details, and delete them entirely.

Providing building managers with this level of control is a Secured by Design guideline.

For example, say that a resident has moved out. The building manager can quickly revoke the old residents’ CallMe App access, and then provide the new resident with their new CallMe App credentials.

This helps to keep the building secure, as resident access permissions are continually updated by the building manager, from one central, remote location.

Let’s get started

Now you should understand a bit more about how Smartphone Calling works for both the resident & the building manager.

If you’d like to incorporate Smartphone Calling into your project, then get in touch with our Projects Team, and they’ll work with you to provide a project-specific Smartphone Calling solution...

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