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Event Logging and Definable Thresholds

Hi and Lo Level Lift Integration

Achieved ‘UL293’ Certification

Onvif CCTV Camera Integration

High Level Mifare Plus Encryption


IPassan comprises of 2 fundamental components that make the system function, hover over the terms below to find out what these are…

Base Controller

Expansion Modules

Now obviously there are more component parts to IPassan, but if you understand these two then you understand the main principles of IPassan.

IPassan is a scalable system; the base controller can be networked either via Ethernet or RS485, and can be paired with expansion modules and input/output expanders (they do what they say on the tin, they expand the inputs/outputs on the base controller by 12) to create a highly flexible system that can accommodate any building access strategy.

At the heart of any IPassan system, is the Urmet 4 door base controller. Aside for being UL293 certified, the base controller has 2 main advantages, these being…

High level end-to-end encryption, meaning that the data is protected between the controller and the reader

Ability to remotely update the reader firmware through the base controller using IPassan Manager

The 4 door base controller controls… 4 doors. However, this can be expanded to control 6 doors when connected to the 2 door expansion card. We’ve created a video on the 4 Door Base Controller, and associated 2 Door Expansion Card, which you can check out below…

If you’re managing a large site, adding in all those base modules, expanders and expansion cards can take up a lot of space, and can look quite untidy. This is why Urmet have created 2 metal enclosures that have been specifically designed to house installed IPassan equipment.

Each metal case arrives as standard with a built in PSU for the base controller, and has space for DIN rail modules, you can find out more by clicking the images below…

Large Case


How is it Managed?

Managing & Installing IPassan is really simple.

Once the controllers and readers have been installed, all you need is the IPassan Manager Software to program and maintain the system.

The IPassan Manager Software is completely free (i.e. no licenses), and can be installed either locally on a PC, or used remotely on the IPassan website. IPassan Manager has 2 great features, which make installing and maintaining the system simple, these are…

Each controller can be set to ‘commissioning mode’, this means that all tokens will work without being programmed. This is ideal for testing and securing doors during installation.

A PC does not need to be permanently connected to the system. This means that once programmed, the controllers operate in standalone mode, continually recording events until a PC connection is made. The option to connect a PC permanently to the system is an option as well.

‘Ok, but how is IPassan actually managed?’

Well, the Building Manager simply uses the IPassan Manager software to add, modify & delete users. A useful feature that the Building Manager can set up in IPassan Manager is ‘Definable Thresholds’, these are simply limits on a definable action within the Access Control system.

It sounds complex I know, but it isn’t. A great example would be…

‘If an apartment releases the main door more than 20 times in a 24 hour period’ notify the Building Manager’

The action is ‘apartment releasing the main door’, with a limit of ’20 times’ within a ’24 hour time period’. If this limit is exceeded, a notification can be sent to the Building Manager alerting them of possible system misuse.

The Building Manager can also view and export all these system events directly from the IPassan Manager Software as well!

Which Products are Compatible?

Urmet have a comprehensive range of different readers which are compatible with IPassan.

You can choose between both standalone readers, or panel mount readers to seamlessly integrate your Door Entry system into your IPassan Access Control system (we cover this later on). Oh, and all Urmet IPassan Readers are Bluetooth Ready, to find out more about the Urmet Bluetooth Solution, click here.

Take a look at our Bluetooth Ready reader range below…

If you would like to integrate your Door Entry & Access Control systems, then you can choose our UL293 certified 2Smart Video Entry Panel, which utilises both the Urmet 2Voice 2 Wire Door Entry system, and our IPassan IP Access Control system.

The 2Smart Panel arrives with a built-in panel mount reader, that is also Bluetooth capable. To find out more about our UL293 certified 2Smart Panel, click the image below…

2Smart Stainless Steel Video Entry Panel

IPassan also has a range of tokens which support high level, end-to-end Mifare Plus 128 bit AES encryption, meaning that these tokens cannot be cloned. We have wide range of proximity tokens (so many different colours), we also have long range RF tokens as well, check them out below!

Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?

IPassan is a system that is constantly evolving; the IPassan platform allows the Urmet R&D teams to continuously develop new features to meet the ever changing needs of residential developments.

You know by now that IPassan is UL293 certified, and allows for 24/7 remote management of all your sites. However, there are some other large features within IPassan which are great, but haven’t been covered in this Solution post; this is because they deserve their own, separate solution post – however, we have covered them briefly in the tiles below…

Lift Control

IPassan provides the ability to control the vertical movement of lifts, meeting Secured by Design requirements through restricting the areas which the visitors & residents can reach (i.e. they couldn’t use the lift to go to a floor that wasn’t their floor).

Urmet have both Hi & Lo level lift integrations available.

CCTV Integration

IPassan can integrate with Onvif CCTV cameras. The CCTV camera can be activated when an event if registered at the entry panel. For example, if a visitor was at the panel, calling an apartment, the CCTV camera would turn on to record the event – this recording is then available to view in IPassan Manager.

Event Logging

IPassan provides the ability for the Building Manager to have access to system event logs. These logs can be accessed either on site or remotely. Any event that occurs on the system can be recorded in this log.

Definable Thresholds

IPassan provides the ability to set thresholds on specific system events, once this threshold has been exceeded, a notification can be sent to the Building Manager. For example ‘if an apartment monitor releases the main door more than 20 times in a 24 period, send a notification to the Building Manager’. This helps to identify and prevent system misuse.

UL293 Certification

IPassan is UL293 certified!

But, what is UL293?

The certification ‘UL293’ is a result of a 3-year long collaboration between Secured by Design and UL (a global standards and certification body).

A product that is UL293 certified means that it is Secured by Design accredited as an individual, standalone product, as opposed to only being accredited as a critical component part of a Secured by Design accredited doorset.

The Urmet IPassan system (along with some other Urmet products) had to undergo extensive and rigourous testing to ensure UL293 compliance.

This certification gives you peace of mind that when choosing Urmet for your project, you’ll be Secured by Design compliant.

For more information or the Urmet UL293 certification, and associated UL293 certified products, click here.

What’s the Best Application?

The Urmet IPassan Access Control system is ideal for any of the following applications…

New Build Installations

Multi-Dwelling Residential

Retrofit Systems

Multi-Block Residential

Single Block Residential

IPassan has been recently used on a project in Hayes, London titled ‘Chailey Industrial Estate’. You can find out more about this project by clicking the image below…

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Urmet IPassan IP Access Control System, then you can visit the dedicated IPassan system page by clicking the button below.

The IPassan system page explains the larger IPassan features that we briefly covered above, but in more detail (in the ‘Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?’ bit), so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Visit the IPassan System Page

Alternatively, if you have a project specific enquiry, or would just like to chat to the Urmet Team about how IPassan can fit into your project, then you can start a conversation with us by clicking the button below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, each connected reader takes up one channel, so therefore this requires separate channels. Consider it as two doors.