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The 2 Wire – IP gateway device provides an interface between the Urmet 2 Wire ‘2Voice’ and IP ‘IPerCom’ Door Entry Systems, allowing the 2 systems to seamlessly integrate.

The gateway device is especially suited to larger multi-dwelling developments, as you experience the benefits of an IP system, combined with the simple cabling and system configuration of a 2 Wire system.

As it is IP based, the gateway device also makes the system much more scalable, as it…

How does it work?

Here’s where the magic happens, it’s just so simple!

The 2Voice – IP gateway is a network device with both Ethernet and 2 Wire BUS connections. The gateway is installed in the riser, and configured using the IPerCom Installer Tool Software.

So, knowing that, you’ll now want to know what happens in the system when an event occurs, well…

  • 1. A visitor call is made from the IP IPerCom Door Entry Panel

  • 2. The call is routed through the IP network and reaches the 2Voice-IPerCom gateway device

  • 3. The gateway device converts the call into a 2 Wire signal

  • 4. The call is routed to the correct 2Voice apartment monitor

NOTE: This system also works in reverse, the 2 Wire ‘2Voice’ apartment monitor is able to call the IPerCom Concierge Switchboard thanks to our 2Voice-IPerCom gateway device!

Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?

Urmet have always been a pioneer in both the Door Entry & Access Control industry, for example…

Urmet were the first manufacturer with a full IP Door Entry System?

Way back in 2008!

So, the question is, why are we now offering a hybrid system as well?

Well, firstly we don’t call this solution a ‘hybrid system’, we call it a ‘gateway’, as it acts as an interface between our 2 Wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’, and our IP system ‘IPerCom’.

We decided to develop the 2Voice – IPerCom gateway because we found that many Clients wanted to upgrade complex, larger systems that were installed 20-30 years ago, but didn’t want to replace the building cabling.

However, we knew that our 2Voice system works on existing building cabling, and our IPerCom system would allow residents to benefit from an IP system that is packed full of new features, so we developed the 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution, and it was clear early on that both Installers and Clients alike love this solution, and here’s why…


Simple Installation

No IP knowledge is required to install the 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution.

All apartment monitors are 2 Wire, and are configured using DIP switches. So simply fix the monitor to the wall, configure the DIP switches, and you’re done.

Secure Orders

We’ve helped many installers secure orders by offering an IP based solution that is packed full of features, but with the ease and cost of a 2 Wire system installation.

Cost Savings

Our 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution provides a cost saving for both new AND retrofit installations.

New Installs:

Offers IP functionality at the cost of a 2 wire installation.

Retrofit Installs:

2Voice uses existing building cabling, such as Cat5 or BT CW1308 cables, so there is no need to replace the existing building cabling!


On Budget

Bring your project in on budget, whilst still offering advanced Door Entry features such as Lift Management and Call Forwarding to a smartphone app!

Access Control Integration

Urmet can take care of your Door Entry & Access Control.

The 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution is fully integrated with our IPassan IP Access Control system.

Secured by Design

Our 2 Wire – IP gateway solution uses our 2Voice and IPerCom Door Entry systems, both of which have been tested and certified as critical components by Secured by Design.

So, when using the Urmet 2Voice – IPerCom gateway, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have covered all Secured by Design guideline considerations.

What’s the Best Application?

Multi-Dwelling Residential

Retrofit Systems

Single Block Residential

Multi-Block Residential

New Build Installations

Our 2Voice – IPerCom gateway is ideal for large multi-block residential projects, where IP functionality is required on a limited budget.

The gateway device was used on a large project in Hale Wharf, London. You can find out more about this project by clicking the image below…

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Urmet 2Voice – IPerCom gateway device, then you can visit the dedicated product page by clicking the image below…

Alternatively, if you have a project specific enquiry, or would just like to chat to the Urmet Team about our 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution, you can start a conversation with us by clicking the button below…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have both 2 Wire & IP risers in the same gateway system.

Not all buildings use a managed network (shared network/VLAN). So, if the building is using a dedicated network for Door Entry, or has existing cabling that needs utilising, then the Urmet 2Voice – IPerCom gateway solution should be high on your list.