At a Glance

Programmed via DIP Switches

Forward Calls Directly to a Smartphone

Secured by Design Compliant

Fully Integrates IPerCom & IPassan

Only Requires 2 Wires for Installation


The name ‘2Voice’ implies that it is a 2-wire Door Entry system that is audio only.

This is incorrect.

In fact, 2Voice does work on only 2 wires, but it can facilitate both audio & video Door Entry systems, as 2Voice uses just 2 wires to transmit data, voice & video signals.

A Bit of 2Voice History (so far)

The Urmet research & development team set out to develop the best 2 wire Door Entry system on the market, and in 2010, 2Voice was launched.

In the 11 years since launch, 2Voice has been a resounding success, with…

Apartments Worldwide using 2Voice products (50,000 + in UK)
>99% Reliability Rate

The best news?

2Voice is showing no signs of slowing down, with current sales growing at their fastest rate ever! So now your question is:

‘It’s an 11 year old system, surely it’s out of date?’


2Voice was created with future development in mind, meaning that the Urmet Research & Development team continue to add new features to meet today’s project demands. Features such as Call Forwarding to a Smartphone (which forwards the Entry Panel call directly to a residents’ smartphone) were added after initial launch.

It’s the future proofing of 2Voice, combined with the simplicity of install, that has resulted in many Urmet Installers recommending 2Voice as their preferred Door Entry system.

So, you can be sure that when using 2Voice, it is trusted industry wide, and is packed full with the latest features.

Our 2Voice system encompasses a vast range of Entry Panels & Monitors, to find out more about our 2Voice Monitor Range, click the button below to visit our dedicated Solution page!

I want to find out more about the Urmet 2Voice Monitor Range

How does it work?

2Voice is an isolated system. But, what does this mean?

‘An isolated system (also referred to as short circuit protection) isolates damaged monitors/cable to that part of the system, allowing the rest of the system to carry on working as normal’

System isolation makes fault diagnosis very simple, all without comprising the functionality of the rest of the working system.

2Voice has 5 control devices, every 2Voice system, from a simple 1-way system for a house, up to a 4096-way system for a high-volume residential development, use these control devices (obviously, not all the control devices are always used, so for example a simple 1-way system would not use all 5 control devices).

This means that quoting and installing every 2Voice system, no matter the size, is simple and familiar.

For larger systems, the entry panels can be programmed via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. 2Voice monitors however, are programmed using binary DIP switches.

Don’t know binary addressing? That’s not a problem.

You have 2 choices which makes setting the DIP switches up very simple, you can either:

  1. Use the ‘2Set’ App on your smartphone which you can use to find out the exact DIP switch settings for every single monitor, then just copy the settings over.
  2. Or, read the Site Specific Connection Diagram that is provided for EVERY new system install, on this diagram, each monitor’s specific DIP switch settings are outlined. You can find out more about our Site Specific Connection Diagram by watching the video below…

We have already established that 2Voice uses just 2 wires to connect ALL system devices, but what type of cable does 2Voice work with?

2Voice requires a solid copper core twisted pair cable, the reasons behind this are answered at the bottom, in our FAQ section.

2Voice can work on either…

CAT5 Cable

(recommended for new build installations)

CW1308 Cable

(Often called BT cable, commonly installed in older buildings)

This means that 2Voice can work on new builds, but it is also ideal for refurb/renewal installations as well, as it works on existing building cabling! Providing building residents with the latest features, all without re-cabling the building.


2Voice is fully integrated with both our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’ and our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’.

We go through what this means in the tabs below, click the headings to find out more…

The 2Voice (2 wire) and IPerCom (IP) Door Entry systems can integrate using the 2Voice-IPerCom Gateway device.

The integration between these 2 Door Entry systems means that you can combine IP Door Entry panels, with a 2 wire riser in the same system!

Therefore providing your project with the benefits of an IP network, but with the simplicity & cost effectiveness of a 2 wire riser installation!

We have written a Solution article for the 2Voice – IPerCom gateway, you can check it out by clicking here.

The 2Voice (2 wire) Door Entry system and IPassan (IP) Access Control system can integrate to provide a seamless Door Entry & Access Control solution.

The integration between these two systems provides extra functionality such as event logging and visitor lift management.

Event Logging – This is when, for example, a visitor calls the residents’ apartment from the main Entry Panel, and the resident releases the door. These 2 events (the call, and door release) can be logged with a time and date stamp on the Access Control software. Allowing for greater management of building security.

Lift Management – This is when, for example, a visitor calls apartment 23 on the 5th floor, the resident allows entry and releases the main door. At this point, a signal can be automatically sent to the lift, sending it to the ground floor. When the visitor enters the lift, the 5th floor button is pre-selected, therefore allowing the visitor access to the 5th floor only, keeping the rest of the building secure.

We have written a Solution article about our IPassan system, you can check it out by clicking here.

Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?

We’ve covered all the reasons as to why 2Voice is the best 2 wire Door Entry system on the market in the sections above, however if you’d like a refresher, we have summed this up for you in the 4 tiles below…

Simple Installation

2Voice is so simple to install.

With the same 5 ‘building block’ control devices no matter the system size; quoting and installing 2Voice is always simple & familiar.

Programming the monitors using binary DIP switches (the settings of which are provided to you in the connection diagram) makes the installation quick & simple.

Call Forwarding

2Voice can auto-forward the Entry Panel call directly to the resident’s smartphone via the use of the Urmet CallMe App.

This means that the resident is ‘always in’, and can converse with the visitor at the Entry Panel directly from their smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

For more information, check out our Call Forwarding Solution article by clicking here.

IP Integration

2Voice is fully integrated with our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

This integration means that you can receive the benefits of an IP network, but with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a 2 wire installation!

For more information, check out our IP Gateway Solution article by clicking here.

UL293 Certification

2Voice can be seamlessly integrated with IPassan, using our 2Smart Door Entry Panel.

2Smart integrates Door Entry & Access Control, but over 2 wires!

Our 2Smart panel has achieved UL293 certification, the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation!

For more information about our UL293 certified panel ‘2Smart’, read our Solution article by clicking here.

What’s the Best Application?

The Urmet 2Voice Door Entry system is ideal for any of the following applications…

Multi-Dwelling Residential

New Build Installations

Retrofit Systems

Multi-Block Residential

Single-Block Residential

The Urmet 2Voice Door Entry system has been recently used on a project called ‘Victoria Central’ in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

As well as using 2Voice, this project is also making use of the ability to forward a call from the Entry Panel directly to the residents’ smartphone!

You can find out more about our Victoria Central project by clicking the image below…

Victoria Central

Southend-on-Sea, Essex

How do I get Started?

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Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our 2Voice Door Entry system, then you can visit the dedicated 2Voice system page by clicking the 2Voice logo below…

We also understand that you may want the Urmet team to answer any project specific questions, and that’s fine too! You can start a conversation with us by clicking the button below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twisted-pair cable is the type of cabling that is used for telephone communications, and most modern Ethernet networks, it is the best conductor of data signals and it helps to protect against ‘crosstalk’ (noise generated by having cables close together).

Alarm cable is designed to carry simple currents, not complex digital data.

Not always. However there are circumstances where dedicated 2Voice cable (supplied by Urmet) is recommended to link 2Voice control devices between buildings/risers.

It’s always best to check with the Urmet Technical team and they will advise you further.