At a Glance

Hi and Lo Level Lift Integration

Fully Integrates 2Voice & IPassan

Achieved ‘UL293’ Certification

Disability Discrimination Act Compliant

High Level Mifare Plus Encryption


The clue is in the name ‘2Smart’.

The Urmet 2Smart panel is a UL293 certified, ‘smart’ panel that fully integrates our 2Voice 2 Wire Door Entry system and our IPassan IP Access Control system, over 2 wires.

Now, you know that it’s common practice for Developers, Consultants & Installers to choose separate Door Entry & Access Control systems, however this approach limits system functionality such as lift management and event reporting.

Sometimes, the problems when choosing separate systems aren’t evident until a problem on site occurs (for example when trying to introduce event reporting, or improving general onsite management practices), and you’re met with the standard answer of…

it can’t be done because they’re separate systems, they don’t work together’

2Smart solves this problem by fully integrating both Door Entry & Access Control systems, facilitating a seamless user experience for both visitor and resident building access, whilst also providing the Building Manager with advanced site management capabilities.

We delve into just some of the features the 2Smart panel can provide your project below…

Our 2Smart panel can facilitate event logging for both visitors AND residents, and it also allows definable thresholds to be set!

So, what does this mean?

As 2Smart integrates with IPassan, each event on the system (i.e. apartment releases main door) can be logged and viewed on the IPassan system by the Building Manager.

The Building Manager also has the option to set a definable thresholds on events – for example:

‘If an apartment releases the main door more than 20 times in a 24 hour period, send a notification to the building manager’

This will then alert the Building Manager of any potential system misuse. All events can be viewed in real time, or retrospectively.

2Smart can facilitate lift destination control for both residents AND visitors!

For example, when a visitor calls an apartment from the entry panel, the resident will let the visitor in, either via their smartphone (Urmet CallMe App), or their apartment monitor.

This will then automatically call the lift to ground, and only allow the visitor access to the floor the resident lives on – helping to keep the rest of the building secure.

To find out more about the Urmet 2Smart panel specifications, or just general product information, you can visit the dedicated product page by clicking the image below…

How is it Managed?

This is the clever bit, as our 2Smart panel integrates both Door Entry & Access Control, it is programmed and managed on one (yes, one) software platform, IPassan Manager.

We cover this more below…

As we’ve mentioned, 2Smart is integrated with IPassan, our IP Access Control system.

This means that 2Smart is programmed using the IPassan Manager software – resulting in ONE programming platform for both the Door Entry & Access Control systems.

To find out more about IPassan Manager, visit our dedicated solution page by clicking here.

The Building Manager can manage both the Door Entry & Access Control systems from one front-end software, IPassan Manager.

IPassan Manager can be used either on-site, or remotely.

Why is the Urmet Solution the Best?

The Urmet 2Smart panel not only integrates both Door Entry & Access Control on one software management platform, but it is also Secured by Design UL293 certified (as is our Access Control, controller too). 

So, you can be sure that when installing or specifying the Urmet 2Smart panel, your installation will be simple, and your site will be secure.

We delve into some benefits below…

One Management Software

2Smart facilitates the programming and maintenance of both Door Entry & Access Control systems on the same management software, IPassan Manager.

Ensuring that your installation is simple, as you only need to use one front-end software – which can be programmed and maintained either on site, or remotely!

Integrated Door Entry & Access Control

2Smart seamlessly integrates our 2Voice 2 Wire Door Entry system, and our IPassan IP Access Control system to provide your site with extra management functionality.

Features such as event logging with definable thresholds, or lift management help to keep your site secure, whilst also complying with Secured by Design guidelines.

UL293 Certification

2Smart is UL293 certified!

But, what is UL293?

The certification ‘UL293’ is a result of a 3-year long collaboration between Secured by Design and UL (a global standards and certification body).

A product that is UL293 certified means that it is Secured by Design accredited as an individual, standalone product, as opposed to only being accredited as a critical component part of a Secured by Design accredited doorset.

The Urmet 2Smart panel (along with some other Urmet products) had to undergo extensive and rigourous testing to ensure UL293 compliance.

This certification gives you peace of mind that when choosing Urmet for your project, you’ll be Secured by Design compliant.

For more information or the Urmet UL293 certification, and associated UL293 certified products, click here.

What’s the Best Application?

The Urmet 2Smart Video Entry Panel is ideal for any of the following applications…

Multi-Dwelling Residential

New Build Installations

Retrofit Systems

Multi-Block Residential

Single-Block Residential

The Urmet 2Smart panel has been recently used on a project in Rainham, London titled ‘Beam Park’. On this project, the 2Smart panel was used to integrate 2Voice & IPassan. Beam Park is also being designed and built to Secured by Design guidelines.

Find out more about our Beam Park project by clicking the image below…

How do I get Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2Smart W40 specification is available for download on our Customer Service Hub! Simply search ‘2Smart W40 Specification’ and the specification will be available for you to download.