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We are a UL293 Certified, Secured by Design member company.

We have 17 Door Entry & Access Control products that are Secured by Design accredited, the most in the industry.

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Secured by Design is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings & their surroundings, by ‘designing out crime’.

To achieve this, Secured by Design produce the ‘Homes Guide’, which was last updated in 2024, which advises all those engaged in the specification, design & build of new homes, about how to adopt crime prevention measures, at every stage of a project.

Therefore, like every other area of a development, the Homes Guide has implications for Door Entry & Access Control too…

Designing an Access Strategy

What are the Secured by Design guidelines for residential buildings above 25 units?

Take a look at our interactive map, which shows you how the different areas of a building should be controlled, according to Secured by Design.

*this map is for visualisation purposes only & should not be used to design an access strategy

What is UL293 Certification?

For a product to achieve UL293 certification it has to be independently electronically & mechanically tested by UL.

UL293 Certified products are always Secured by Design accredited– no matter where they’re installed in a building.

So, for Secured by Design projects, you should always use UL293 Certified products, as it makes planning, tendering & installing, so much simpler.

We have 8 products that are UL293 certified – the most in the industry…

How Do We Measure Up?

In our industry, only a few Secured by Design member companies have UL293 Certified products.

So, who are they? And how do we measure up?

Have their products achieved Attack Level 2, UL293 Certification?
Do they have a UL293 Certified Entry Panel with Built-In Fob Reader?

(enclosure only)

Do they have a UL293 Certified Fob Reader?
Do they have a UL293 Certified Door Controller?

Information sourced from the Secured by Design website and is correct as of October 2023

So, in a nutshell…

We have the most UL293 certified products in the industry.

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