VOG7 Touchscreen

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Part No. 1761/31-33

VOG 7 is our advanced 7-inch IP touchscreen monitor, and is available in both surface & flush mounting.

What makes VOG 7 different, is that it has 3 different types of control, you can control it with touch, voice & gestures.

Simply use the touchscreen, speak to the VOG 7, or wave your hand infront of it, to control it.

Switch on the display, open the door, view Entry Panel camera feeds & more, using touch, voice or gesture control.

NOTE: VOG 7 is the replacement for the Max Pro (1717/31) & Max Lite (1717/41) monitors for both IPerCom & IPerVoice systems.

Take a look at just a few of the features of the VOG 7 below…

  1.   Chat & message with other apartments (video & Text)
  2.   View & Snapshot Entry Panel & CCTV Camera Feeds (RTSP Compliant)
  3.   Voicemail (video & audio)
  4.   Call divert to the concierge, or to another apartment
  5.   Lift Destination Control
  6.   Smartphone Calling
  7.   Timed mute, to make sure you’re not disturbed in certain periods of the day/night
  8.   3 User Interfaces: Standard, Zoomed & Swipe Only (for Visually Impaired)
  9.   Smart Home Integration (Yokis)
  10.   Induction Loop
  11.   Custom Ringtones & Wallpapers, which can be imported using the SD card slot
  12.   Contact List (Name Directory)
  13.   Built-in music player (mp3)

VOG 7 has a built in Mifare reader, and has backlit home button, which illuminates when there are unread notifications.

VOG 7 allows you to adjust the volume, brightness & language of the monitor.

VOG 7 has additional inputs for an alarm, and a doorbell.

Dimensions H138mm x W212mm x D24mm
Screen Size7 Inches
Pixels1024 x 600
Camera 2Mpx
Max Consumption 12W
Ports1 x PoE Port & 1 x Local LAN Port
Operating SystemAndroid


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