Video Power Supply Unit

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Device used for powering video door phone systems with electronic call.

  • Audio circuit power 0.2A @6Vdc
  • Electrical lock power: 2A @12Vac
  • Timed output: 18Vdc @ 0.85A; 16Vdc @ 0.23A
  • Timer: 45 – 180
  • Relay contact capacity for lock: 5A @ 12Vac
  • Power dissipated after one hour of operation: 5.7 W
  • Max. n. of backlit LED name tags: Sinthesi: 40; K-steel: 8
  • Max. n. of 12Vac 3W light bulbs: 2
  • PTC self-resetting protection
  • Adjustable timer and can call up to 4 devices in parallel
DimensionsW180mm x H75mm x D97mm
Din modules10
Power230 Vac - 50 Hz
Transformer power38 VA
Consumption200 mA
Call generator frequencyF1 1063 - 1438 Hz, F2 638 - 862 Hz


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