Switchboard Touchscreen - IPerCom

£2,905.00 (Excl. 20% VAT)
Part No. 1060/42

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Touchscreen switchboard for IPerCom systems

  • 10.1” touchscreen display with resolution 1280 x 800
  • Support calling monitors and other switchboard
  • Support receiving calls from monitor, call module and other switchboard
  • Simultaneous response to alarm signal of monitor/call module
  • Support storing alarm information
  • Support remote unlocking, unlock call module / entrance call module
  • Support monitoring call module, entrance call module and CCTV camera
  • Calls coming from call module to apartment stations can be intercepted by Switchboard
  • Three mode options (Day/Night/Stand by)Concierge


Dimensions (W x H x D)261 x 185 x 59 mm
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