Radio Dimmer Module High Power

£125.00 (Excl. 20% VAT)
Part No. MTV500ERP

MTV500ERP 500w radio dimmer with neutral and optional timed operation (5454457)

Can control capacitive, resistive and inductive dimmerable loads up to 500W, with dimming control starting from just 3 W (resistive) and 11VA (inductive / capacitive).

Hybrid module:allows local wired and radio control (centralisation VIA RADIO ONLY).

Children’s room night light function: Can be set through 7 quick presses on wired control by the user, lighting point brightness sets immediately to 20% and decreases automatically in one hour, reaching 10%. The light remains on at this level for 12 hours, allowing advanced switch-off through button or radio control

Dimming control:
– Last switch-on intensity memory

– Different pre-set dimming levels (min, 50%, max)

– Minimum brightness level customisation

Timer settable: from 2 seconds to 4 hours; in addition:
– Extension (up to 12 hours) and possibility of advanced switch-off with respect to the timer expiry

– Switch-off pre-warning through progressive dimming (or flashing if set as relay)

Compatible with wirings in which the button common is connected to neutral or phase (possible use in 3-wire or 4-wire mode), with interrupted, deviated or inverted phase, through replacement of the controls with simple buttons.

Can be connected to other Yokis radio receivers for centralised light control.


Allows to set up a control system with no power limits thanks to the Yokis Radio Bus
Configurable minimum threshold
Timer function switches off light if left on
Can be controlled by an unlimited number of transmitters

  • Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 12 mm
  • Sine-wave brightness variation, at phase start or end, through automatic recognition of load type
  • Inrush current limitation through filament pre-heating
  • Automatic disabling in case of short circuit on the load, with automatic reset after the fault is eliminated
  • Electronic overheating protection
  • Double overload protection with power cut-off
  • Immune to mains disturbances up to 1.5kV
  • Range: within the same room < 100 sq. m 250m in free field without obstacles
  • Range is reduced by metal items, walls or partitions
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHzv
  • Transmission: Two-way with notification LED on transmitter


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