Passansoft Software

£100.00 (Excl. 20% VAT)
Part No. 1104/502

FDI Passansoft V2.29 PC software (Compatible with Windows 10) 1104/502 (FD-050-006).

Passansoft is a simple and intuitive software that allows the management and access control system Passan Premium. It is designed for an easy use by an unskilled operator while providing large set up possibilities.

Passansoft software allows you to manage an unlimited number of sites on a single computer.

The software allows backup copies of sites. 4 levels of software access code can be used : administrators, managers, users and guests to increase the security of the site.

The functioning license “dongle” is required for each installation.

Two connection modes are available:

Locally: the distance between the computer and the first controller can reach 15m with a serial cable (FD-500-034) or 1000m with 2 interfaces (FD-500-043).

Remotely : TCP / IP network via Internet or via telephone using the FDI modem (FD-500-173).

Passansoft covers all the requirements of small and medium commercial sites.

  • Simple and Intuitive Software
  • Keys Management
  • Groups Management
  • Time Management
  • Management of Real-Time Events
  • Anti-Pass Back Management
  • Counting Zone
  • On-Site Presence
  • Management of Elevators
  • Inputs / Outputs Management
  • Intercom Management
  • CCTV Management


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