P60 Mifare Plus Reader

£175.00 (Excl. 20% VAT)
Part No. 1104/960

P60 Mifare Plus 2 wire reader compatible with IPassan and Easy Door systems.

Fits 1 gang electrical embedding box.

High Security and Easy Installation with the 2 wire output and encrypted bus.

FDI Part Number: (FD-020-209)

Replaces 1104/961 – (FD-020-139)

  • Proximity Reader Mifare® Plus (128 bits AES encryption)
  • LED Indicators
  • Surface Mount with Terminal Output
  • Powered by Controller
  • Distance from Controller to Reader 100M using Cat5 cable
DimensionsW78mm x H78mm x D18mm
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP53

Yes, the reader is IP53 rated so it is suitable for outside/external installations


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