Miro Video Handset

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Part No. 1750/1
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Miro video handset for 2Voice systems. Arrives with wall fixing bracket.

Uses a 2 Wire connection, and is programmed using DIP switches.

Desk mount kit available 1750/92.

  • Illuminated Lock Release Button
  • 3 Additional Programmable Buttons
  • LED Indication for ‘Mute’ and ‘Door Open’
  • Built-in Induction Loop
  • Changeable Ring Tones
  • Door Bell Input
  • Ability to Call up to 3 Other Handsets in a Single Property
  • Up to 4 Handsets can be Connected to 1 Entry Panel Call Button

CallMe Ready: 

Ability to forward a call from the Entry Panel to your smartphone via the Urmet CallMe App

MaterialWhite ABS Plastic
Dimensions (with handset)H200mm x W175mm x D52mm
Dimensions (without handset)H200mm x W175mm x D27mm
Screen Size4.3 Inches
Aspect Ratio16:9

Up to 4 monitors can be called, the call cascades, meaning that monitor 1 rings, then monitor 2 and so on. The camera image stays on monitor 1, if monitor 3 picks up the call then the image appears on monitor 3

The monitors can be cabled in series using the 1750/50 in/out module or star wired using a 4 user distributor 1083/55

Yes, the 1750/1 Miro monitor is CallMe ready. Requires a single or multiuser call forwarding device see 1083/58 or 1083/83 or /783

Yes, you can program the monitor to be in mute mode an LED will indicate that the monitor is off


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