IPervoice Lift Interface

£925.00 (Excl. 20% VAT)
Part No. 1039/37

The Lift Interface is directly connected to the riser column and is provided with a matrix of 24 relays that can be individually activated. It is directly managed by the system server; the relays activate the lift control unit after user actions on different devices. It cannot be directly accessed by the user. The operating parameters are programmed with the Bluetooth programming interface 1039/56. It is also provided with a RS485 serial line, fully isolated, which can be used for future expansions.

Locally powered by 1039/20.

  • 2 x CAT5 RJ45 ports for the connection to the analogue riser column (BUS IN, BUS OUT)
  • 1 connector dedicated for the Bluetooth programming interface 1039/56
  • 24 relay outputs max (C –NC-NO) 30 V @ 1 A
Operating Temperature -5° to + 45°C
DimensionsW216mm x H80mm x D90mm
Installation DIN Rail
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