Project Description

Vallance Road, London

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Site Type: Residential

Location: Bethnal Green, London

Systems Used: IPerCom, IPassan

Urmet Products Used: 14 Elekta Steel Panels, 144 Max Lite 7″ Touchscreens, 14 Elekta Steel Panel Mount Readers, 61 P60 Readers, Lift Control Interfaces

Urmet Pro Installer: Blakeglow Systems LTD

Secured By Design Approved: Yes

At a glance

Video entry

The ability to see who is at the door through the apartment station provides residents with greater peace of mind as they can choose whether to answer the call and release the door.

Lift destination control

With lift management, the lift can be called and sent to the desired floor ‐ meeting Secured by Design requirements by restricting the areas which visitors can reach.

Real client server architecture or cloud management

IPassan Manager can be accessed/installed on a local server/PC or via the cloud. Controllers work independently from connection to a local or remote server.

Scalable system platform

IPerCom offers a scalable system platform, suitable for single‐family homes up to multi‐building complexes of 4000 users

RF reader option

IPassan provides the option to conveniently gain access via remote control.

Access control integration

By integrating the access control, there is no need for additional wiring and all information can be gathered by the concierge control centre.

Touchscreens with apps

Max, for IPerCom is powered by Android and boasts a 7” touchscreen which revolutionises the world of video door phones with its superior functionality

IP installation

Quick and simple to install, only one wire is required for the whole system to offer an integrated video door phone system, without the need for a

2 wire readers and keypads

Only two wires are required for our readers and keypads, ensuring a quick and simple installation.