Project Description

Spring Wharf, Bath

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Site Type: Residential

Location: Roseberry Place, Bath

Systems Used: 2Voice, IPassan

Urmet Products Used: 10 Elekta Steel Entry Panels, 6 Sinthesi Steel Modular Panels, 170 Miro 4.3″ Colour Video Monitors, 10 Elekta Steel Panel Mount Readers, 6 Sinthesi Steel Panel Mount Readers, 17 P60 Readers, 2 RF Readers

Secured By Design: No

At a glance

Access control integration

By integrating the access control, there is no need for additional wiring and all information can be gathered by the concierge control centre.

Scalable system platform

2Voice offers a truly scalable system, suitable for a single‐family home through to large residential complexes.

CCTV integration

2Voice cleverly turns the door entry system into a video surveillance system. The images from CCTV cameras can even be viewed on apartment stations.

2Wire installation

Two non‐polarised wires throughout for a quick and simple installation.

IP integration

IP integration allows the apartments to be wired with 2Voice whilst the panels are networked; providing simple scalability, multiple concierge units and the monitors from our 2Voice range.

Video entry

Video capability over two wires. The ability to see who is at the door through the apartment station provides residents with greater peace of mind.

Door entry integration

IPassan can integrate with the door entry system to record and identify the location, user, type, time and date of all system events.

RF reader option

IPassan provides the option to conveniently gain access via remote control.

Real client server architecture or cloud management

IPassan Manager can be accessed/installed on a local server/PC or via the cloud. Controllers work independently from connection to a local or remote server.