Project Description

New Hayes, London

In a Nutshell…

Located in Hayes, London

High-Volume Residential Development

Secured by Design Development

Integrated Door Entry & Access Control

Installed by Rolec Electrical

About the Project

Developed by Fairview New Homes, New Hayes is a large, high-volume residential development that has been designed & built in accordance with Secured by Design guidelines.

Located just 3 miles outside of Heathrow, New Hayes is delivering over 300 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments to the former ground of the old Chailey Industrial Estate.

Installed by Urmet Installer Rolec Electrical, New Hayes is using Urmet for both Door Entry & Access Control (keep scrolling down to see Rolec Electrical walk you through the site!)

New Hayes is using both our 2 wire Door Entry System ‘2Voice’, and our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ on site, which are seamlessly integrated through our 2Smart Video Door Entry Panel (also being used on site), which has achieved UL293 certification, the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation.

The development is also using our Self-Resetting Emergency Exit Systems, which are also Secured by Design accredited, and are recommended for residential developments with more than 25 apartments.

New Hayes is also using Urmet for both visitor & resident lift destination control (a Secured by Design guideline).

Site Walk-Through

We caught up with Urmet Installer Rolec Electrical (who installed our Door Entry & Access Control systems on site) in the video across.

In the video, Michael Wilkes, Project Manager at Rolec Electrical takes you through one of the completed blocks on site, walking you through their instllation, whilst also demonstrating how Urmet products help to keep the building secure through providing solutions such as building compartmentation & lift destination control.

This video is great to provide context to what our products look like installed, and what that means for how both residents & visitors access various areas of the building…

Now as this development has been designed & built in accordance with Secured by design guidelines, we though it appropriate to speak to a representative from Secured by Design, so they could tell us more about how Secured by Design guidelines have been implemented on site.

At the end of the site walk-through video, we speak to Lyn Poole, Development Officer at Secured by Design, as she shows us how Urmet products & solutions have helped the site work toward Secured by Design sign off.

Speaking about our Self-Resetting Emergency Exit Systems, Lift destination Control & even Building Compartmentation, this interview is a great way to provide context to what Secured by Design guidelines look like on site, whilst also explaining why it’s so important that Secured by Design get involved early on in the design process.

Installed Systems

New Hayes used both our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’ & our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’, you can find out more about these systems by clicking below…


Our 2 wire Door Entry system, programmed using binary DIP switches & installed in over 2 million apartments worldwide, 2Voice is the Door Entry system of choice for installers nationwide.

Learn more


Our IP Access Control system, providing advanced functionality straight out of the box, with no hidden charges or additional hardware, IPassan is the complete residential Access Control solution.

Learn more

Installed Products

Take a look at some of the Urmet products that have been installed on New Hayes…


2Smart Door Entry Panels


Miro Video Handsets


P80 Bluetooth Readers


Self-Resetting Exit Systems


4 Door Controllers