Online Business Account with Rewards

One online Urmet account, for your whole company.

Manage all your Urmet orders, view your discounted pricing, and collect & redeem 3% of the list price of select products back as Urmet reward points, which you can redeem for money off your orders.

The future of order management is here, only from Urmet.

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What is an Online Urmet Business Account?

It’s your company’s, and employees, complete management tool for all your Urmet orders.

An online Urmet business account is your company’s dedicated Urmet account, which makes managing all your Urmet orders, simple. From viewing products with your discounted company pricing, to purchasing on credit, your online account makes placing Urmet orders simple…

Got a quote you want to order? Simply login & place your order in full. If it’s a system order, you can still place your full order even if you don’t need your equipment now, we can get the stock ready in the background. Then, you can manage your order through your online business account through call-off orders at a later date!

Say goodbye to PDFs with highlights and notes all over them.

Your online Urmet business account allows you to schedule your part shipments, view your past call-off order history, and even see how many products you have remaining to call off on each system order!

Available 24/7, your online Urmet account is your company’s complete management tool, and it helps you save money too, as your online account makes you eligible for Urmet Reward Points (more on that below). Check out just a few features that you can benefit from when using your online Urmet business account…

View your Discounted Pricing
Place and Manage Your Orders
Schedule your Part Shipments
Save Product Lists for Quick Re-Order
Collect & Redeem your Reward Points

We know that this is a change to how you have managed orders in the past. But don’t worry, after we’ve set up your account, you can book some time in with a member of the Urmet Team who will teach you, and your colleagues, exactly how to use your new online business account.

After the meeting, if you have any more questions about how to use your account, just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

What are Urmet Reward Points?

Urmet Reward Points is a new way to thank our customers for buying Urmet products.

On top of your standard company discount, you can now collect 3% of the list price on select product lines back as Urmet Reward Points, which can be redeemed for money off your future orders!

In short, the more Urmet products you buy, the more reward points you earn and the more money you save.

Collect points on select product lines

The more you buy…

You earn 3% of the list price of select product lines back as Urmet reward points

See your point total add up

The more reward points you earn…

All the points you earn get added to your company’s point total

Redeem your points on what matters to you

The more money you save!

Redeem your reward points for money off your Urmet orders

The best bit? There is no redemption limit, you choose how many points you want to redeem!

If you want to just get a bit of extra discount, only redeem a few points, or if you want to save up your points and get your order completely free, you can do that too.

Your Urmet Business Account gives you the power to choose your own prices. Yes, you can see your discounted company prices, but now, if you need a bit of extra money off to secure the project, just redeem your Urmet Reward Points, it couldn’t be simpler.

With Urmet Reward Points, you can choose your own pricing. Spend points on what matters to you, with no limitations.

How to Get Started

Getting started is simple, just follow the 3 simple steps below to open your company’s Online Business Account…

Step 1

Fill out the form below to register your company’s interest in an Online Business Account.

Step 2

If you’re eligible, we’ll send you the full application form & begin setting up your account for you.

Step 3

Arrange a tutorial with one of the Urmet Team, who will walk you through how to use your new online account.

If you’re interested in an Online Business Account, then you can register your interest by filling in the form across.

Once submitted, we’ll let you know if you’re eligible for an Online Business Account, and if you are, then we’ll forward you the full application form for you to complete, whilst we get your account set up.

Remember: Online Business Accounts are for UK-based, Urmet system installers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the answers to some of the questions we frequently get asked by our customers.

You are only eligible for an online Urmet business account, and associated reward points, if you install new Urmet systems.

If you only use Urmet for spare parts, then unfortunately you are not eligible for an online Urmet business account, or associated reward points.

However, if you want to install Urmet systems in future, and would like an online business account in preparation for that, register for an account now, and a member of the Urmet Team will be in touch.

That depends on when you need your equipment.

You can have your equipment dispatched immediately after placing your order, or, if you’re placing a system order but don’t need the equipment yet, you can place your full order, and then manage it through smaller call-off orders.

In short, you won’t be invoiced until you receive your equipment.

So, you can place all your Urmet orders in advance, in the knowledge that you will never be invoiced until your equipment is received.

Your business account will have an account admin, you can choose which employee is your account admin, once you have chosen who your account admin will be, we will set them up for you.

Your account admin can then add all other employees to your business account.

The account admin has complete control of your business account, and whilst all employees on your business account can place orders, only the account admin can redeem Urmet Reward points, and view your Urmet Reward Point balance.

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Your company’s dedicated Urmet Business Account which makes placing & managing your Urmet orders, simple.

Register your interest in an Online Business Account & begin collecting 3% of the list price of select product lines back as redeemable Urmet Reward Points!

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