Our IPerCom system is a serverless IP Door Entry system, which can facilitate both audio and video calls over a dedicated or managed IP network.

IPerCom has been designed specifically for multi-dwelling residential applications, requiring no server or specialist network knowledge to install & configure the system, no matter the system size.

IPerCom has been designed to simplify the IP system.

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What’s New in IPerCom?

New Elekta RTSP Streaming

Elekta now has built in RTSP Streaming!

Elekta can now integrate with the on-site CCTV system allowing you to view the feed from the Elekta Entry Panel camera directly on the CCTV management system!

New RTSP Player

The IPerCom concierge has RTSP!

Now you can view the live CCTV footage from every CCTV camera on site, directly from the concierge!

What is IPerCom?

IPerCom is our IP Door Entry system and is 1 of the 2 Door Entry systems that we offer.

Designed to simplify the installation of IP systems, with IPerCom, you don’t need any specialist server or network knowledge to configure the system, and it can be installed over a dedicated or managed IP network.

IPerCom is also scalable, with the capability to manage over 10,000 users on one system, it’s ideal for both single & multi-block residential applications.

Using advanced AES256 encryption, whilst also providing cutting edge functionality to residents straight out of the box, IPerCom is loved by installers & residents worldwide.

Works on both a Dedicated or Managed IP Network
CCTV Integration
No Server or Specialist Network Knowledge Required
Advanced AES256 Encryption

What Do Our Installers Say?

"It’s an easy system to install, it’ very user friendly and it looks very professional."
Jamie Jaggers, Contracts Manager
ProLogic Systems

IPerCom Compared

So, we’ve told you what IPerCom is capable of, but how does it compare to equivalent competitor systems?

Well, the table below shows you just how IPerCom shapes up in the market place…




Net2 Entry

Max No. of IP Devices on One System 4,000 Unlimited Unlimited 1,100
Max Users on One System 10,000 Unlimited Unlimited 1,000
Is a Server Required? No No No No
Encryption AES256 Encryption
Does it work on Shared Networks?
Remote Configuration & Device Upgrades
Secured by Design Accredited
UL293 Certified System Products
Full Access Control Integration
Full 2 Wire Door Entry Integration
Smart Home Integration
CCTV Integration
Lift Destination Control (visitor)
Smartphone Call Forwarding

(possible with full server)

Disclaimer: The information in this table was accurate as of February 2022, and was taken from freely available online system brochures & other similar documentation.

So, if you want an IP system which has more features compared to competitor equivalent IP systems, just choose IPerCom.

Secured by Design

IPerCom is a Secured by Design accredited Door Entry system, with core IPerCom system products being certified as critical component parts of a doorset by Secured by Design.

As established earlier, IPerCom has a wide range of compatible Door Entry Panels; and in terms of Secured by Design accreditation at least, 1 Entry Panel has gone one step further.

Our Elekta Steel Door Entry panel has achieved UL293 certification – the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation.

If you’d like to find out more about Secured by Design and our associated accreditations, then you can do so by clicking below…

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Why Choose IPerCom

IPerCom simplifies the IP system, from install and configuration to features & integrations, IPerCom has been designed to provide advanced system functionality, in a simple & easy to install way.

There are 4 fundamental reasons as to why IPerCom should be your go to IP Door Entry system of choice for residential applications, you can check them out below…


Ease of Install

Requiring no server or specialist network knowledge to install & configure the system; and with the ability to work on existing networks, installing IPerCom is simple, even if you’ve never installed an IP Door Entry system before.



With advanced functionality such as Smartphone Call Forwarding & Lift Destination Control available out of the box, with no additional hardware, IPerCom provides the latest in IP Door Entry system technology.



Fully integrated with both our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’ and our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’, along with CCTV & Smart Home integrations. IPerCom is flexible, and can be seamlessly integrated to meet your projects’ needs.



Accredited by Secured by Design, and with an IPerCom Entry Panel having achieved UL293 certification, the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation, you can be sure that when using IPerCom, you’re using a secure, accredited Door Entry system.


IPerCom is ideal for all multi-dwelling residential projects, be it a new build development or a replacement Door Entry system across either single or multiple blocks, IPerCom has the flexibility to meet your projects’ unique requirements.

IPerCom simplifies the installation of the IP system, for example, when replacing an existing Door Entry system with IPerCom, there is no need to install a new IP network for the building, as IPerCom works on the existing building networks, even if other devices are already installed on this network.

IPerCom is also incredibly scalable, with the capability to manage over 4000 IP devices, and 10,000 users in one system, IPerCom is ideal for any large, multi-block residential development.

IPerCom can be used in any of the following applications…

New Build Installations
Retrofit Systems
Multi-Dwelling Residential
High Rise Developments

Want to use IPerCom on an upcoming project?

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