IPassan is an IP‐based online Access Control system designed for medium
to large commercial and residential applications.


The Urmet IPassan System

is Secured by Design UL293 Certified

At a Glance

CCTV integration

IPassan can integrate with Onvif CCTV cameras to record colour images of people using the door entry panel and store these for at least 30 days.

Lift control

With lift management, the lift can be called and sent to the desired floor ‐ meeting Secured by Design requirements by restricting the areas which visitors can reach.

Scalable system platform

IPassan’s modular design means that it is easily adaptable to small, medium and large commercial and residential projects.

Door entry integration

IPassan can integrate with our door entry system to record and identify the location, user, type, time and date of all system events. Our 2Smart Stainless Steel Door Entry panel is now UL293 certified!

RF reader option

IPassan provides the option to conveniently gain access via remote control.

Event Tracking & Logging

Integration to our 2 Wire ‘2Voice’ and IP ‘IPerCom’ Door Entry Systems for visitor/resident event data tracking & logging

Real client server architecture or cloud management

IPassan Manager can be accessed/installed on a local server/PC or via the cloud. Controllers work independently from connection to a local or remote server.

Mifare Plus AES 128 bit encryption

High levels of encryption are offered through this certified security level, providing greater protection against cloning. IPassan readers and keypads also utilise a secured 2 wire end to end encryption.

Bluetooth® credentials

A mobile phone can be used to control access to a door, just like a token. Bluetooth credentials are secure and managed by FDI credits

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System Summary

  • Unlimited number of doors per site / 384 doors per network
  • Up to 100,000 credentials per site
  • 20,000 events per controller
  • 4 door controllers expandable to 6 doors
  • The controllers manage 2 wire MIFARE Plus® and Bluetooth® readers
  • Automatic controller discovery
  • Each controller has battery backup for independent operation
  • All information is stored locally in the controller protecting system operation in the event of network failure
  • I/O expansion modules
  • Dual network communication technologies TCP/IP and encrypted RS485 bus can be mixed
  • 2 wire readers and keypads with protected communication between reader and controller
  • Data import
  • Remote software and device firmware upgrades
  • IPassan system products Secured by Design Certified as a Critical Component Part
  • UL293 Certified (IPassan 4 door base controller and IPassan 12 output expander)


  • Integration to 2Voice and IPerCom door entry systems for visitor data logging and lift destination control
  • Compatible with 2Smart panel for full integration and programming of the 2Voice door entry system via IPassan Manager
  • Ideal for management companies looking for a residents portal that offers amenity booking such as communal facilities, visitor parking and other services
  • Lift management via outputs or high level integration with COP and DOP
  • Video Management System integration
  • NVR and ANPR integration and management
  • IPassan Manager software can be installed on a PC or server to enable remote or multiple access
  • Real client server architecture or cloud version
  • Intuitive programming using IPassan Manager software
  • MIFARE Plus® with AES 128‐bit encryption offers a high level of cloning protection

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IPassan Projects

Fresh Wharf, London
The Laundry Works, Watford
Kingston Road, Surrey
Edinburgh Way, Essex
Chelmer Waterside, Essex (Phases 1 & 2)
Victoria Central, Essex
New Hayes, London
Kettle Yard, London
Fletton Quays, Peterborough (Phases 1 & 2)
Castle Park View, Bristol
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