Our IPassan system is a cloud-based IP Access Control system, that is ideal for large, multi-dwelling residential applications that have a high number of controlled access points (e.g. doors, gates & lifts).

IPassan is programmed using the IPassan Manager software, a license free management tool that allows you to program and manage your IPassan system either locally on a PC, or online ‘in the cloud’, using the IPassan website.

IPassan Manager even allows you to manage multiple sites, all from one central account.

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What’s New in IPassan?

P80 UL293 Certification!

Our P80 Reader is UL293 Certified!

The highest level of Secured by Design accreditation, UL293 certification means that our P80 Reader can be used anywhere on the building and still be Secured by Design accredited!

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New ‘Events Archiving’

With the release of IPassan Manager v1.15, it is now possible to archive the system events stored in the events log. You can archive the events daily in order to control the size of the events database!

What is IPassan?

IPassan is our UL293 certified, cloud-based IP Access Control system, designed for large multi-dwelling residential developments and is 1 of the 2 Access Control systems that we offer.

Consisting of only 2 core control elements that can be added and network differently depending on your projects’ size, and programmed & managed by our free management software ‘IPassan Manager’, which can be used either locally or remotely using the IPassan website, IPassan is flexible.

With IPassan Manager you can configure the entire system, from core features such as user access profiles, to advanced features such as lift destination control, out of the box, with no hidden fees or upgrades.

Once configured, you can manage the system directly from IPassan Manager too, it even allows you to manage multiple sites from one IPassan Manager account!

Once configured, IPassan is fully functional with or without an active PC connection.

Free Software Download, with No License Fees
Free, Regular Software Updates
Fully Integrated with Urmet Access Control & IP Door Entry
Programmed & Managed from One Software
Secured by Design UL293 Certified

What Do Our Installers Say?

"The system & software really is user friendly"
Damian Cyganik
Beliar Limited
"Happy with how simple IPassan was to install and program"
Mark Bostick, Managing Director
Sovereign Fire & Security

IPassan Compatible Readers

IPassan Compatible Exit Systems

Features & Integrations

IPassan is flexible, as you can configure a simple or complex Access Control system with ease, all from the same interface.

IPassan is also timeless, as it is continuously being upgraded to provide the latest in Access Control functionality, with features such as lift destination control and threshold counting, available straight out of the box, with no additional hardware required.

The IPassan system software, and device firmware can be remotely upgraded, meaning that even if an IPassan system was installed 4 years ago, residents & building managers can still benefit from the latest developments & features through regular updates, free of charge.

It’s worth remembering that despite advanced, out of the box functionality, IPassan is not just an Access Control system for complex residential projects, for example…

Just need a simple Access Control system, with no bells and whistles, just simple user access & time profiles? IPassan can handle it.

Or, need a complex Access Control system, with lift destination control & event logging? IPassan can handle it.

Take a look below at just some of the advanced functionality that IPassan can provide to your project; straight out of the box…

Lift Destination Control

IPassan has the capability to control the lift destination for both residents and visitors. This means that both resident & visitor access to specific floors can be managed.

For example, resident access can be limited to only allow access to the floor that the resident lives on, and any other communal floors. So, when the resident enters the building and calls the lift, when stepping inside, only the buttons for their floor, and communal floors will be illuminated.

This helps to prevent unauthorized access to other residential floors through building compartmentation, which is a Secured by Design guideline.

To find out more about how we can provide lift destination control, click below to read our dedicated solution article…

Find out more about Lift Destination Control

Door Entry Integration

IPassan is fully integrated with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’ and our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

IPassan integrates with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’ using our UL293 certified 2Voice Door Entry panel ‘2Smart’, which is programmed directly on the IPassan Manager software.

Integrating IPassan with our Door Entry systems ‘unlocks’ additional functionality, such as visitor lift destination control, and even event logging for events occurring on the Door Entry system (i.e. resident buzzes visitor in).

To find out more information about our Door Entry systems, click below to visit their dedicated system pages…

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Find out more about 2Voice

CCTV Integration

IPassan can integrate with the on-site CCTV cameras, as it supports ONVIF protocol.

When integrated with IPassan, each CCTV camera can be viewed individually in real time, or in replay mode, directly from the IPassan Manager software using RTSP.

The CCTV cameras can even be linked with system events through IPassan Manager. For example, an event is logged on the system (e.g. resident fobs into the building), when this event is logged by IPassan Manager, the CCTV camera linked to the location of that system event will automatically start recording.

This CCTV feed is automatically associated to the specific event in the event log, and it can then be viewed both in real time or in replay mode, directly from IPassan Manager!

Now of course, the 3 featured & integrations outline above are only a flavour of what can be achieved with IPassan, take a look below for a more extensive list…

Event Logging
Threshold Counting
User Time Profiles
2 Wire Readers
Remote Upgrades
Resident Portal
Mifare Plus AES 128 Bit Encryption
Multi-Site Management
Local or Remote Management
Individual User Access Profiles
Bluetooth Access Credentials
Visitor Management System

Secured by Design

IPassan is a Secured by Design accredited Access Control system, with many IPassan system products being certified as critical component parts of a doorset by Secured by Design.

However, some core IPassan system products have gone one step further in terms of Secured by Design accreditation.

Our P80 Reader & our 4 Door Base Controller (the core IPassan control element), among various other IPassan products, have achieved UL293 certification – the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation.

If you’d like to find out more information about Secured by Design, then you can do so by clicking below…

Find out more about Secured by Design

IPassan Compared

So, we’ve told you what IPassan is capable of, but how does it compare to equivalent competitor systems?

Well, the table below shows you just how IPassan shapes up in the market place…





Credentials Per Site 100,000 20,000 10,000 50,000
Max No. Doors Per Site Unlimited Unlimited
Max No. Doors Per Network 384 200 64 1,000
Doors Per Controller Up to 6 2 2 1
Events Per Controller 20,000 20,000 2,454
Encryption Mifare Plus AES 128-Bit Mifare Mifare Mifare Classic
Reader cable Cat5e Alarm cable Alarm cable or CW1308 Beldon
System Commissioning Installer Installer CAME KMS Installer
Does it Operate Without an Active Internet Connection?
Remote Management
Local Management
Multi-Site Management
Battery Backup
Remote Software & Device Upgrades
Bluetooth Credential Access
Event Logging
Threshold Counting
Visitor Management System
Resident Portal
Lift Destination Control
CCTV Integration
ANPR Integration
Full 2 wire Door Entry Integration
Full IP Door Entry Integration
Secured by Design Accreditation
UL293 Certified

Disclaimer: The information in this table was accurate as of February 2022, and was taken from freely available online system brochures & other similar documentation.

So, if you want an Access Control system which has more features available ‘out-of-the-box’ compared with competitor systems, and without any hidden fees or upgrades, just choose IPassan.


IPassan is ideal for all large, multi-dwelling residential projects.

Whether you need an Access Control system for simply managing resident access credentials, or you require more advanced functionality such as lift destination control & CCTV integration, IPassan is the system for you.

Crucially, IPassan is incredibly scalable, as it allows an unlimited number of doors & up to 100,000 access credentials per site. IPassan is flexible in its scalability too, as it consists of 2 core control elements, which can be added and networked differently depending on your projects’ individual requirements.

IPassan also provides scalability across sites too, managed by the license free IPassan Manager software, it allows you to manage multiple sites, from one central account!

Take a look below at the type of residential projects IPassan can be used in…
New Build Installations
Retrofit Systems
Multi-Block Residential
Single-Block Residential
High Rise Developments

IPassan in Action!

IPassan has recently been used on a project called ‘New Hayes’ in Hayes, London.

New Hayes is a large, multi-dwelling residential development that is being built to Secured by Design guidelines and is using IPassan for it’s on-site Access Control system (as well as our 2Voice system for Door Entry).

You can find out more about our project at New Hayes by watching the video across, where Installer Rolec Electrical walk you through the site…

Why Choose IPassan

IPassan is the complete residential Access Control system, providing advanced system functionality with no additional hardware or hidden fees, whilst being simple to install & maintain using the IPassan Manager software. IPassan is the go-to Access Control system for installers nationwide.

There are 4 fundamental reasons as to why IPassan should be your go to IP Access Control system for residential applications, you can check them out below…


Simple to Program & Manage

Programmed & managed using the license-free IPassan Manager software, and with the ability to manage multiple sites from one central account, installing & managing IPassan is simple, even if it’s your first time using the system.



With advanced functionality such as lift destination control & event logging available out of the box, whilst using high level Mifare Plus encryption to prevent fob cloning, IPassan provides the latest in Access Control technology.



Fully integrated with both our Door Entry systems ‘2Voice’ & ‘IPerCom’, whilst also integrating with ONVIF CCTV cameras, IPassan can be integrated with in-house & third-party systems to meet your projects’ needs.



Accredited by Secured by Design, and with core system products achieving UL293 certification, the highest Secured by Design accreditation, you can be sure that when using IPassan, you’re using a secure, accredited system.

Want to use IPassan on an upcoming project?

Not just for complex residential projects, but for simple ones too, IPassan is ideal for any residential development.

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