Installing Urmet

Installing new Urmet systems couldn’t be simpler.

We provide you with all the information & resources you need, for a quick & smooth installation.

From site-specific schematics & connection diagrams, which detail every connection in your system, to our online training courses which are available 24/7 & teach you how to install our products & systems, in bitesize chunks.

You never walk into an Urmet installation unprepared.

For support on site, in addition to our online technical support area, we have a dedicated technical support team, available by email or phone, that are ready to help you.

Site-Specific Schematics

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Site-Specific Connection Diagrams

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Online Installer Training

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On-Site Technical Support

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Hear From an Urmet Installer

A bit apprehensive to install Urmet? Not sure what the product or technical support is going to be like?

To ease your concerns, take a look below at a few testimonials from a first-time Urmet Installer, they discuss their honest experience with installing Urmet for the first time, mentioning both our products & our technical support.

Site-Specific Schematics

We can provide site-specific schematics, on request, for your project, either before or after you have ordered the project with us.

These schematics tell you exactly how to cable the system, detailing the cable type & exact cable distances required for your project, so you’re prepared when walking onto site for the first time.

We also have a library of generic schematics, for a range of different system types, available for you to view & download whenever you need them. Whilst not specific to your site, these generic schematics provide you with a great feel for how your system will be cabled.

Browse our Generic Schematics

Site-Specific Connection Diagram

For every new system installation, we provide a site-specific connection diagram.

This connection diagram is specific to your project, & details every single connection in your system, including each monitors’ individual DIP switch settings.

With helpful hints & tips & system checks included too, your site-specific connection diagram helps to make your installation process, a lot smoother.

Find out more out our site-specific connection diagram, by watching the video across.


Online Training

We recommend that before you install an Urmet system, you or the engineers installing the system, have taken the appropriate online training courses, which teach your how to set up & program our systems.

Available 24/7, we’ve created interactive online courses for all of our systems; each course is bitesize at around 15 minutes long, so you can learn at a time & pace that suits you.

You’ll be provided with your own dedicated online training account, where your courses will be waiting for you.

With over 100 courses available now, our online training courses make sure that you’re walking onto site, prepared.

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On-Site Technical Support

In addition to our dedicated online technical support area, we also have a technical support team, who are ready to help you on site.

Simply get in touch with our technical support team by email, and if you need a call-back, just let them know. Once you’ve given them all the information they need to help you, they’ll be more than happy to give you a call on site, at your specified time.

Our technical support team can even jump on a teamviewer session, when needed, to take a closer look at your installation.

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Preparing You, For Your Installation

We ensure that when you’re installing new Urmet systems, you have everything you need for a smooth & quick installation.

If you’d like to browse our library of generic schematics, or discover more about our online training, then simply click below…

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