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Buy everything direct from us, on our website.

Manage your projects online, schedule your call offs online & even save money online with Urmet Reward Points, all from your company’s Online Company Account.

The future of order management is here, only from Urmet.

Apply for an Online Company Account
Collect & Redeem your Reward Points
Place and Manage Your Orders
View your Discounted Company Pricing
Schedule your Part Shipments
Save Product Lists for Quick Re-Order

What is an Online Company Account?

It’s how you place all your company’s Urmet orders going forward.

One online account, for your whole company, where each employee has their own individual login, and access to all on-going & previous company orders, so everyone has full transparency.

From spare parts, to small & large systems, every order can now be placed online, using your company’s credit, and managed in your online business account.

Project requirements & product quantities required change constantly & with endless PDFs with scribbles all over them, & call-off information written next to each product, managing projects is tough, & messy.

Until now.

Using your online business account, you can manage your project orders online, by ordering all the equipment you need & then part-dispatching it as & when you need it.

With information on product quantities ordered & quantities remaining to be dispatched, & the ability to schedule part dispatch orders in advance, your online business account simplifies project management.

Introducing… Urmet Flexi Points

We’re giving back to our installers with Flexi Points, our new reward point scheme!

Earn Flexi Points on your online Urmet orders, & redeem them later, with no limit, for money off future Urmet orders!

1 Reward Point Redeemed = 1 Penny Saved

Use your Flexi Points to get some money off an order, or even get an entire system, for free!

Flexi Points reward you, for installing us…

In a nutshell…

The More You Buy…

Collect reward points on specific product lines

The More Reward Points You Earn…

All the reward points you earn get added to your company’s point total

The More Money You Save!

Redeem your reward points for money off your Urmet orders, remember 1 Reward Point Redeemed = 1 Penny Saved!

Get Started with an Online Business Account

Apply for an Online Business Account today, and begin collecting Urmet Reward Points as soon as your account is set up!

The future of order management is here, only from Urmet.

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