Easy Door is a standalone, remotely managed Access Control system that has been specifically designed for small residential applications.

Take a look at the animation below that explains all you need to know

(by the end of the animation you’ll understand why we decided to call it ‘Easy’ Door).

At a Glance

2 wire readers

Only two wires are required for our readers ensuring a quick and simple installation.

Read & Write Technology

Easy Door is simple to program & maintain as key management uses read/write technology; meaning that the controllers are automatically updated when each key is presented to the reader.

Scalable System Platform

Easy Door can manage up to 50 readers per site, and allows you to manage multiple sites using one web software.

Remote Management

There are 2 ways to program Easy Door. One of which is to program the site remotely using an encoder and an internet connection.

RF reader option

Easy Door provides the option to conveniently gain access via remote control.

Event Backup

Easy Door allows you to backup events for multiple sites, and then view these on our free to use web software.

Data Transfer

Simply manage your site by exporting site configurations directly to Excel. Easy Door also allows you to import/export resident’s names for quick programming.

Mifare Plus AES 128 bit encryption

High levels of encryption are offered through this certified security level, providing greater protection against cloning.

Local Management

There are 2 ways to program Easy Door. One of which is to program the site locally, requiring no extra equipment.

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System Summary

  • Internet is not required on site to configure the system
  • Simple configuration through the use of a virtual network
  • Utilises simple Read & Write technology
  • The controllers and readers manage 2 wire MIFARE Plus AES 128 Bit encryption offering a high level of cloning protection
  • 2 wire readers with protected communication between reader and controller
  • Programmed locally or remotely
  • Ability to manage multiple sites using one web software
  • Customisable door release time
  • Ability to manage up to 2000 keys & 50 readers per site
  • Recording of up to 20,000 events for the last 30 days are logged in the control unit
  • Ability to backup events
  • Easily manage your site by importing/exporting resident and building details directly to/from Excel
  • Ability to create keys for third parties


  • Intuitively programmed either locally or remotely using a website.
  • MIFARE Plus® with AES 128‐bit encryption.
  • Panel Mount Readers available for the Urmet range

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