Our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ is fully integrated with ‘CathexisVision’, the video management solution from Cathexis.

This integration automatically pairs every system event that is logged in IPassan Manager, with the corresponding CCTV footage of the event, directly in CathexisVision.

The paired event details & CCTV recordings are then available for the Building Manager to view, providing them with an in-depth, birds-eye view of all system events, from one, centralised event management platform.

Single Event Management Platform

Automatically Pairs Events with CCTV

Add IPassan Equipment to Site Maps

Remotely Release/Unlock Doors

How does it work?

For the resident, it’s exactly the same as it works now.

IPassan is still the access control system used on site, so the resident just uses their Urmet token as normal, to access different areas of the building.

It’s once an event is registered in IPassan, that things begin to automatically work in the background…

Let’s walk through it.

Say, for example, a resident uses their token on the main entrance door reader, to let themselves into the building.

This is registered as a system event in IPassan Manager, which logs all the details of the event, such as..

  1. Name of Resident
  2. Time of Event
  3. Location of Event

Once IPassan Manager has logged the details of the event, it is immediately sent to the CathexisVision software.

CathexisVision then reads the event information provided by IPassan Manager & automatically pairs the event with the associated CCTV recording.

The Building Manager then logs into CathexisVision, to see both the event details, and the corresponding CCTV recording of the event, from one management platform.

So, in summary..


A system event occurs, for example, a resident enters the building


‘IPassan Manager’ registers this event, and sends the details to ‘CathexisVision’


‘CathexisVision’ pairs the event with the associated CCTV camera recording


The Building Manager logs into ‘CathexisVision’ to view event details/recordings

How is it managed?

We’ve already touched briefly on how this integration is managed on site; through the CathexisVision software.

But, does that change how IPassan manages the access control on site? And, are system events now solely managed in CathexisVision?

In short, no, to both.

IPassan still manages the site’s access control, so when adding new tokens, for example, the Building Manager still needs to use IPassan Manager.

As you know, CathexisVision is simply the video management system for the site,.

But it does have other features, such as creating site maps, which we haven’t covered yet….

Ideal for Building Managers, these site maps integrate with IPassan, to display the location & status of all IPassan equipment, across the site.

The Building Manager can select an IPassan device, such as a controller (which controls a door), directly from the site map, to manage it further.

Using the door controller example above, the Building Manager could remotely select this device from the site map, to…

  1. Remotely unlock the door that the controller, controls.
  2. View all system events & CCTV footage associated to the controller
  3. Access the live CCTV camera feed for that device

So as you can see, CathexisVision is more than just a VMS, it’s also a complete site management tool!

Wait, does that mean that with this integration, IPassan no longer has a system event log, as it’s all managed in CathexisVision?

No, it doesn’t. IPassan still has it’s event log as normal, the only difference is that the displayed events aren’t paired with any CCTV footage, this is unique to CathexisVision.

So, to clarify..

If the Building Manager just wants to manage the site (add tokens), or view the details of all system events, without seeing CCTV footage, then they can do so in IPassan Manager.


If the Building Manager wants to manage their site from the site map, or see the details & CCTV footage for every system event, then they must use CathexisVision.

And that’s the beauty of this integration, it doesn’t change how the site’s Access Control is managed, it integrates with it.

It’s simply provides the Building Manager with additional management capabilities, such as using site maps & viewing the associated CCTV footage for every system event; from one, centralised, video management platform.

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