2Voice is the highest performance non-polarized 2-wire system in its category, offering free intercom, two door control, door open warning, exchange, security cameras which can be viewed from video-doorphone monitors. 2 wires anywhere. 127 users per riser. 2 outdoor stations per riser. 32 risers. 4064 users. 16 main common entries. Up to 1,000-meters distance between outdoor and indoor station. 200-meters distance between power unit and indoor station. 2,400-meter extension in the common secti...


IPerCom is the new integrated video door phone system, based on IP technology, ideal for large and intelligent buildings and applications with complex communication, security and integration needs. IPerCom is very easy to install and to program: no IP expertise is necessary. IPerCom is the technological and multi-functional solution for simple integrated video door phone systems not requiring a server: from a single device it is possible to automatically configure all the devices of ...


Yokis is a complete range of digital modules, composed of transmitters, receivers and remote controls able to create simple home automation systems that allow you to use multiple controls for centralised management of shutters, light and automatic systems with no control units. Yokis is available in wired, radio and hybrid version, depending on the system requirements and the application field, and is able to manage a number of programmes and functions. In fact, there is a wide range of solutions...


IPassan is an IP-based access control system designed for medium to large commercial and residential projects. As the solution is IP based, existing IT infrastructure can be used without any expensive extra wiring. Our long experience with the famous predecessor system, Passan, has led to the development of this simple yet powerful system. 

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