MVR500E - 500W flush-mounted blind control module

MVR500E - 500W flush-mounted blind control module

Code 5454090

Control all window blinds with a simple pilot wire and a double up/down pushbutton. Does not damage the window shutter or the motor in case of an obstacle thanks to the built-in torque control. Compatible with all blind types and brands with 3-wire motor (APRIMATIC, SOMFY, BUBENDORFF, etc.) Daily scheduler: Opens and closes window blinds every day thanks to the built-in daily scheduler.

Functional features:

Centralisation: All window blinds can be centralised on a double up/down pushbutton, with a single driver wire. The number of window blinds is unlimited, which makes it ideal for large installations in office buildings

Technical specifications:

Network voltage: 230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz.
Power: 3-wire motor, 230V~,2A max.500VA.
Room temperature: -20°C + 50°C.
Sound level: < 60dB at 20cm.
Relative humidity: from 0 to 99%.
Dimensions (LxHxD): 28x42x18 mm.

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