Combined Remote Control

1104/7 Combined Remote Control 868MHz 4 Buttons

Dimensions (L X H X D): 79x38x12mm
Power supply: Flat lithium battery 3V
Engraving of an 8 digit alphanumerical number
Average life of battery: 22000 manipulations
Coded in factory, 4 billion possible IDs.
Customisation on request.
Operating temperature: -20°C to + 60°C

Use it with the RF receiver FD-020-023 (868MHZ)

Thanks to the integrated proximity and four buttons, the remote control is adapted to many situations. It is no longer necessary to have a remote control plus a key, for example, as one button can control a gate whilst a second manages the garage door etc... The proximity is also used for pedestrian access.

The remote controls are designed to last thanks to a metal eyelet for the keyring and the engraving of the serial number on a recessed area.

For read only remotes: These remote controls are added into the software by entering the engraved number or by presentation of the remote control on an encoder.

The uniqueness of the remote control is guaranteed. The code is written to simplify programming and identification.

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