OEM Reader

1104/951 OEM Reader 13.56MHz - 2 Wires - Elekta Steel

Windows dimensions: 42*42mm
Plastic dimensions (L x W x D): 80*50*27 (terminals included)
Wiring: 2 wires 100m Cat5E
Operating temperature: -20° to +60°
Power supply: 12 Vcc /50mA (supplied by the controller)
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Reading range: Up to 3 cm (depending on the key)
Protection: Diode and transil

This 13.56 MHz OEM reader is a proximity reader designed to work with IPassan controllers using 2-SMART readers. It is connected to the controller through 2 wires and manages a buzzer in addition to a bicolour led.

It has been especially designed to fit an Urmet panel, Elekta Steel.

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