Sinthesi Steel

Sinthesi Steel is one of our modular Entry Panel ranges, designed for small-medium sized, new build and refurbishment Door Entry systems.

Sinthesi Steel is vandal resistant and available in push-button and digital variations, either surface or flush mounted.

Sinthesi Steel is compatible with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’, and our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

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LED Illuminated Wide Angle Colour Camera (120°)

Voice Announcements with Display Icons

LED Illuminated Buttons & Nameplates

Customisable Panel Design

Made from Stainless Steel

Why Choose Sinthesi Steel?

Sinthesi Steel is ideal for refurbishment systems

Sinthesi Steel is compatible with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’. This means that when upgrading an old Door Entry system, Sinthesi Steel can provide residents with new features such as Call Forwarding to a Smartphone, all whilst utilising the existing building cabling.

Sinthesi Steel offers engraved nametags, with no additional lead time

The push-button variation of Sinthesi Steel has LED illuminated nametags. These nametags can be custom engraved according to your projects’ requirements. Urmet engrave these nametags in-house, with no additional lead time.

Sinthesi Steel is versatile

Sinthesi Steel has a range of 14 different modules, which can be combined in thousands of different variations to make a truly unique panel design. So, you can be assured that when using Sinthesi Steel, there is a panel design that meets the specific needs of your project.

Sinthesi In Action

Take a look at what Sinthesi looks like installed on site….

In the Range

As Sinthesi Steel is modular and designed according to a projects’ individual requirements, there is no standard Entry Panel design and therefore, there isn’t a typical, built-up Sinthesi Steel Entry Panel Range to view.

However, you can view all the modules in the Sinthesi Steel range that can be used to create a unique panel design in the slider below:

Compare the Sinthesi Steel Range

As Sinthesi Steel is modular, there is only one direct comparison. Our alternative modular Entry Panel range, Alpha.


Sinthesi Steel


System Compatibility 2Voice/IPerCom 2Voice/IPerCom
Material Stainless Steel Methacrylate (Black)
Finish Polished Polished
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP45 IP66
Impact Protection (IK) Rating IK09 IK08
Modules Available
DDA Module Yes Yes (built in to video/audio modules)
1-4 Button Modules Yes Yes
8 Button Module No Yes
ILA Module Yes Yes
Video Module Yes Yes
Audio Module Yes Yes
Keypad Module Yes Yes
Display Module No Yes
Repertory Module Yes Yes
Blank Module Yes Yes
Alphanumeric Module No Yes
OEM Reader Module Yes Yes
Mifare Reader Module Yes Yes
Digital Module Yes Yes (keypad module paired with display module)

When to choose the Sinthesi Steel

Sinthesi Steel is designed for small-medium sized, new build and refurbishment applications; so, if it’s a residential, commercial, education, or healthcare application, Sinthesi Steel is the ideal Entry Panel for your project.

Sinthesi Steel can be used for any of the following applications:


Small Apartment Blocks




So, if you have a project which requires a modular Entry Panel to allow for a unique Panel Design, give Sinthesi Steel a go.

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