Single Door Controller

Ideal for any small-medium sized residential project, our single door controller provides a flexible, cost-effective access control solution.

Giving you the choice between local or remote setup & management, our single door controller never requires an internet connection on site, even when managing your site remotely.

Our single door controller is compatible with our Access Control system ‘Easy Door’.

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Can be Remotely Managed on the Cloud

Can be Locally Managed on Site

Utilises Read/Write Technology

No Internet Connection Required on Site

Mifare Plus AES 128 Bit Encrypted

Why Choose Our Single-Door Controller?

It Provides Truly Flexible Management

You can choose to manage Easy Door either locally on site, with no computer connection required; or remotely, from a laptop or computer.

However you choose to manage your Easy Door system, even if you manage the site remotely, internet connection is not required on site.

It Never Requires Internet on Site

You never need to connect our single door controller to the internet, as it can be programmed & managed both locally & remotely, without an internet connection on site.

It’s A Cost Effective Access Solution

Our single door controller is part of our Access Control system ‘Easy Door’, a simple system with no bells or whistles, and only 4 system components. As such, Easy Door, is a very cost effective (cheap) way of controlling doors on site.

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Multi-Door Controller

Single Door Controller

RF Controller

Number of Doors Per Controller 4 (as standard, but can be expanded to 6) 1 1
RF Capability
Cloud Management
Local Management



Battery Backup
Unique Identification Number
Tamper Switch
DIN Mounted
UL293 Certified

When to Choose Our Single-Door Controller

Our single door controller is ideal for any small-medium sized residential application, that requires a simple, flexible & cost-effective access control solution.

Our single-door controller can be used in any of the following applications…

New Build Residential Developments

Existing Residential System Upgrades

Single Block Developments

Multi-Block Developments

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