Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System

Combining a mushroom head ‘Request to Exit Button’ & an ‘Emergency Escape Button’ the RTE-EES is made from powder coated steel, and arrives in a RAL6016 finish.

With definable, automatic reset times, the RTE-EES never needs to be manually reset after the ‘Emergency Escape’ button is pressed, reducing your clients’ call-out costs, & saving them money in the long-run.

Secured by Design accredited, the RTE-EES can be used standalone, without our Access Control.

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Definable Reset Times

Secured by Design Accredited

Access Control Integration

System Event Logging

Built-in Alarm Sounder

Why Choose the Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System?

It’s Cost-Effective

Our Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System will save you, or your client, money in the long run, as the device automatically resets.

When the ‘Emergency’ button is pressed on a standard Request to Exit, it requires someone to come out and manually reset the device every time, which the client has to pay for. Whereas if someone uses the ‘Emergency’ button on our device, it automatically resets after a defined period of time, no call-out necessary.

It Works Standalone, Without our Access Control

You don’t need to have Urmet Access Control on site to use the RTE-EES, even though you can benefit from a few extra features, such as system event logging, if you do use it with our Access Control.

The Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System can be used on or in any building, no matter what is already installed on site.

It Integrated with our Access Control

Whilst it can work standalone, without our Access Control on site, the RTE-EES can, like the BGU-EES, integrate with our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’.

Integrating the RTE-EES with IPassan provides additional functionality such as system event logging, meaning that whenever the ‘Press to Exit’ or ‘Press to Escape’ buttons are pressed, this system event is logged in IPassan Manager (IPassan’s management software), for the building manager to see.

It’s Secured by Design Accredited

Our Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System is accredited by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative. As such, the RTE-EES is now used on Secured by Design projects, nationwide.

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Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System

Self-Resetting Emergency Exit Button

Material Powder Coated Mild Steel  Powder Coated Mild Steel
RAL Colour RAL6016 Green RAL6016 Green
Request to Exit Button
Emergency Exit Button
Illuminated Emergency Exit Button
Definable Reset Times
Built-In Alarm Sounder
IPassan Integration
Secured by Design Accredited

When to Choose the Self Resetting Emergency Exit System

With the ability to be installed standalone, without any of our Access Control systems on site, the RTE-EES can be used on any project that requires a Secured by Design accredited Self-Resetting Emergency Exit System, which combines both a ‘Press to Exit’ button & a ‘Press to Escape’ button.

This means that the RTE-EES is not limited to being used on residential buildings only, and can be used in any of the following applications…

Residential Applications

Commerical Applications

Industrial Applications

Educational Applications

Public Buildings

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