Multi-Door Controller

Control up to 6 doors per controller, and with 3 different networking options, our multi-door controller is ideal for any large, residential development.

Reliable & secure, our multi-door controller is functional without internet or mains power, and has achieved the highest level of accreditation, Secured by Design UL293 certification.

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Can be Remotely Managed on the Cloud

Can be Locally Managed on the Network

Each Controller can be Networked Together

Up to 6 Controlled Doors per Controller

Each Controller is UL293 Certified

Why Choose Our Multi-Door Controller?

Control up to 6 Doors Per Controller

As standard, our multi-door controller can control up to 4 Doors (readers) per controller. However, by connecting the multi-door controller with a 2 door expansion card, you can increase the number of controlled doors per controller to 6.

Truly Flexible Setup & Management

You can choose to network our multi-door controller in one of 3 different ways, either by ethernet, RS485, or a mixture of both.

Then, independent of how you network your multi-door controller, you can decide whether to manage you site remotely, or locally, depending on the site’s requirements.

Our multi-door controller provides you & your client, with complete flexibility.

Functional without Internet or Mains Power

Our multi-door controller can operate standalone, without the need for an internet connection. If the internet connection was lost, it would continue to store data locally; this data would then be automatically uploaded to the cloud, once the internet connection was re-established.

Our multi-door controller can also be connected to battery backup, so if mains power was lost,the battery backup would automatically kick in, to keep the controller powered.

Achieved the Highest Security Accreditation

To achieve Secured by Design UL293 certification, our multi-door controller had to undergo extensive physical & electrical testing. Both our multi-door controller & our 2 Door Expansion card passed these tests, & as such they have both been accredited with the industry’s highest certification, UL293.

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Multi-Door Controller

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RF Controller

Number of Doors Per Controller 4 (as standard, but can be expanded to 6) 1 1
RF Capability
Cloud Management
Local Management



Battery Backup
Unique Identification Number
Tamper Switch
DIN Mounted
UL293 Certified

When to Choose Our Multi-Door Controller

Secure, reliable & flexible. You can be assured that our multi-door controller is ideal for any residential application, no matter how large or complex.

Our multi-door controller can be used in any of the following applications…

Large Multi-Dwelling Residential Developments

Small Multi-Dwelling Residential Developments

High-Rise Residential Developments

New Build Residential Developments

Residential Retrofit/System Upgrades

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