Miro is our entry level monitor range, supplied for the majority of Urmet Door Entry systems.

Miro is available in both audio & video variations, either with or without a Handset. Miro has flush, surface or desk mounting options available.

Miro is compatible with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’, and our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

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Illuminated LED Buttons

Call Forwarding to A Smartphone

Additional Programmable Buttons

4.3” 16:9 Display

LED Call Status Indication

Why Choose Miro?

Miro has Flexibility of Application

There are 4 different monitors in the Miro range. Miro is compatible with both our Door Entry systems and is available in both audio & video variations either with or without a handset. No matter the application, there is a Miro monitor suited to your project.

Miro is Simple to Install

Installing Miro could not be simpler. From DIP Switch programming when using the Miro range for 2 wire projects, to a single RJ45 connection when installing an IP Miro monitor; no matter the system, installing Miro is quick & simple.

Miro is established

Over 2,000,000 apartments worldwide have Miro as their apartment monitor; and with Miro being used in multi-dwelling residential projects, as well as in smaller developments of apartments, school & hospitals – Miro is trusted for a variety of applications, worldwide.

Compare Miro Range

Miro Video Handset

Miro Video Handsfree

Miro Audio Handset

Miro Audio Handsfree

Max Lite Touchscreen

System Compatibility 2Voice 2Voice 2Voice 2Voice, IPerCom IPerCom
Material ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic
Colours White White & Black White White White & Black
Display Size 4.3 Inches 4.3 Inches N/A N/A 7 Inches
Illuminated Buttons Yes (lock release button only) Yes (lock release & speak buttons) No Yes (lock release & speak buttons) N/A
No. Additional Programmable Buttons 3 4 3 4 N/A
LED Status Indication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (New Notifications Only)
Built in Induction Loop Yes Yes No No Yes
Ability to View CCTV Camera Feed Yes Yes No No Yes
Call Forwarding to a Smartphone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

When to choose Miro

Miro is versatile and can be used for any application that requires a Door Entry system. The Miro range has previously been used in the following applications:

Small Apartment Blocks




So, if you have a project that requires a Door Entry system, then you can always use Miro.

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