Mikra is one of our Entry Panel ranges, designed for small-medium sized applications, such as houses, small blocks of apartments or hospitals.

Mikra is vandal resistant and available in flush or surface, push-button or digital variations.

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LED Illuminated Wide Angle Colour Camera (113°)

Voice Announcements with Display Icons

LED Illuminated Buttons & Nameplates

3.5” Colour Display with Presence Sensor

Made From Zamak

Why Choose Mikra?

Mikra is Simple to Program

Mikra offers multiple programming methods to ensure your installation is as simple as possible. You can program Mikra by either using the DIP switches on the back of the Entry Panel, or program direct from your smartphone by connecting the Panel to Wi-Fi

Mikra is flexible

The Mikra range provides flexibility of application; designed for small-medium sized applications, Mikra is ideal as a Door Entry solution for single houses and hospitals using the Mikra 1/2 button Panels, or small residential apartment buildings using the Mikra Digital Panel

Mikra is Simple

A complete Mikra system comprises of very few parts, this makes Mikra simple to quote and install. Mikra is so simple, that you can build & order your complete Mikra Door Entry system yourself, directly on our website

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In the Range


Mikra has an additional reader and keypad which can both be used either standalone or combined with a Mikra Entry Panel.

Both accessories are separate to the Mikra Entry Panel (not built-in), but are made from the same Zamak material and are also the same width as a Mikra Entry Panel, so they look right at home when used as part of a Mikra Door Entry system.

You can find out more about these accessories below:

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Mikra 1 Button

Mikra 2 Button

Mikra 4 Button


System Compatibility 2Voice/IPerCom 2Voice 2Voice 2Voice
Material Zamak Zamak Zamak Zamak
Display N/A N/A 3.5 Inch Colour LCD Display 3.5 Inch Colour LCD Display
Camera Wide Angle (113°) Wide Angle (113°) Wide Angle (113°) Wide Angle (113°)
No. of Buttons 1 Button (Illuminated) 2 Button (Illuminated) 4 Buttons (Illuminated) 4 Illuminated Buttons (2 Scroll, Pick Up & Cancel)
Nameplates Physical (Illuminated) Physical (Illuminated) Digital Digital
Max No. of Apartments 1 2 4 32
Voice Announcements Yes (2Voice Only) No Yes Yes
Call Status Display Icons Yes No Yes Yes
Call Button Reassurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-In Reader Yes (IP Only) No No No
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP55 IP55 IP65 IP65
Impact Protection (IK) Rating IK07 IK07 IK07 IK07
Vandal Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes

When to Choose Mikra

Mikra is designed for small-medium sized applications; so, if it’s a residential, commercial, education, or healthcare application, Mikra is the ideal Entry Panel for your project.

Mikra can be used for any of the following applications:


Small Apartment Blocks




So, if you have a project that requires a small Door Entry system, then just use Mikra.

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