Max is our executive-level monitor range, supplied for developments which require advanced functionality from the apartment monitor.

Each Max monitor is powered by Android and has a 7” touchscreen. Max is available in surface, flush, or desk mount variations.

Max is compatible with our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

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Call Forwarding to a Smartphone

7” Touchscreen Display

2 Megapixel Camera

Audio & Video Voicemail

Custom Ring Tones & Wallpapers

Why Choose Max?

Max offers Lift Destination Control

With Max, the resident can call the lift to either their floor, or to the ground floor, directly from their apartment. This means that the resident, or any visitors to the building, will no longer have to wait for the lift, as it would have already been called for them from a Max monitor.

Max has CCTV Integration.

Max provides the residents with the ability to view the buildings’ CCTV cameras directly from their Max apartment monitor. The resident can take photos of the CCTV feed and save them directly on their Max monitor to either view later or export them to another device.

Max incorporates sleek design with state-of-the-art features

Max has a 7” touchscreen display, with a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution. Max is thin too, with only a 19mm wall protrusion when surface mounting, reducing to a 6mm protrusion for flush mounting, you won’t even know it’s there. Max has been designed to fit seamlessly into any apartment.

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Max Lite

Max Pro

Miro Video Handsfree

System Compatibility IPerCom IPerCom 2Voice
Material ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic
Finish White & Black White & Black White & Black
Display 7 Inch Touchscreen 7 Inch Touchscreen 4.3 Inches
Illuminated Buttons Yes (illuminated home button for new notifications) Yes (illuminated home button for new notifications) Yes (illuminated lock release & speak buttons)
Custom Ring Tones & Wallpapers Yes Yes Yes (ring tones only)
Bluetooth Capability No Yes No
Built in Induction Loop Yes Yes Yes
Audio & Video Voicemail Yes Yes No
Chat Messaging with Other Apartments Yes Yes No
Lift Destination Control Yes Yes No
Ability to View CCTV Camera Feed Yes Yes No
Call Forwarding to a Smartphone Yes Yes Yes
YOKIS Smart Home Integration No Yes Yes

When to Choose Max

Due to the advanced functionality that Max provides, it is typically used in high-end residential developments, but Max can be used in any application that requires an IP Door Entry system.

Max has previously been used in the following projects…

So, if you have a project that requires both advanced functionality and sleek design from an apartment monitor, you should take a look at the Max range.

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