Available to download for free on the Android & iOS App Stores, K-App allows you access a building using Bluetooth credentials, that are stored on your smartphone.

With proximity & long range access credentials available, in both temporary & permanent access variations, K-App provides a flexible access solution for any application.

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Proximity Access (up to 5cm)

Long Range Access (up to 15 metres)

Permanent & Temporary Credentials

High-Level Anti-Clone Credential Encryption

No Maintenance or Licensing Costs

What are Bluetooth Credentials?

Bluetooth credentials are another form of access credential, which allow you to access a building through Bluetooth communication between a reader, and your smartphone.

The K-App stores your access credentials, so you can either present your phone to a reader for proximity access or use the K-App to unlock the door remotely for long-range building access, and it will communicate with the reader via Bluetooth, to allow you access to the building.

Basically, your phone replaces the traditional token.

You can find out more about Bluetooth Smart Credentials, below…

What are Bluetooth Smart Credentials?

Why Choose K-App

It’s a Flexible Access Solution

With both proximity & long range access credentials, which can be issued permanently for residents/employees, or temporarily for visitors, K-App provides a flexible access solution for any application.

It’s Highly Encrypted

Using high-level, anti-clone encryption, K-App has a built in ‘Anti-Replay Mode’, which prevents third parties from intercepting the Bluetooth signal between your phone & the reader, meaning your access credential cannot be cloned.

You can Mix & Match on Site

Bluetooth credentials can be used in conjunction with traditional, physical tokens on one site, so you can mix and match.

Some can have Bluetooth-only access, some can have token-only access, and some can have both. With Bluetooth Credentials, there are no restrictions.

How Does K-App Work?

Take a look at our demonstration videos, which show you how a resident would use the K-App to open a door in both Proximity Mode & Long Range Mode.

Proximity Mode

Long Range Mode

Download K-App End User Guide

When to Choose K-App

K-App is suitable for any residential, commercial, industrial or public application where residents or employees need the ability to use their smartphone to gain access to a building.

K-App can be used in any of the following applications…

Residential Applications

Commercial Applications

Industrial Applications

Educational Applications

Public Buildings 

Discover K-App

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