INOX encompasses our bespoke, made to order, Entry Panel manufacturing service.

An INOX panel is a flat-plate Entry Panel which is entirely customisable and built to your specific requirements.

INOX is available in both flush and surface mount options.

INOX is compatible with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’, and our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

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You Can Customise…


RAL Colour


(with Braille as an option)




(e.g. keypad/video/prox)


Why Choose INOX?

INOX offers complete versatility

INOX is completely customisable to meet your projects’ needs; you can customise your INOX Entry Panel to arrive in any RAL colour; and in any material finish too (i.e. brass/bronze/stainless steel) – INOX is fully customisable.

INOX has a ‘Standard Range’

If you require a custom Entry Panel, but don’t need RAL Colouring or a different material finish for example, that’s fine.

INOX has a ‘Standard Range’ which is quicker to design and arrives in 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The ‘Standard Range’ has a pre-set range of dimensions and is ideal for simple, custom Entry Panel designs.

INOX’s ‘Standard Range’ is Secured by Design Accredited

The ‘Standard Range’ of INOX of Entry Panels have been tested and certified by Secured by Design as critical component parts of a doorset. Meaning that if your project is aiming for Secured by Design sign off, you can use INOX for an accredited, bespoke Entry Panel solution.

Design & Build

Designing your bespoke INOX Entry Panel could not be simpler, as we do all the work for you. From design to install, your bespoke Entry Panel is only 4 steps away…

1. Tell us what you need

Give us as much detail as possible about your projects’ requirements (finish, material, buttons, dimensions etc).

2. We’ll provide you with:

  • A Drawing of your INOX Entry Panel outlining Panel dimensions, and any engraving requirements
  • A Render of your INOX Entry Panel, showing you exactly what your Panel will look like once complete (this is great to show your client to get their sign off too)

Need to change the design? Not a problem.
Outline any revisions to your INOX Entry Panel design and our team will get your drawings and renders updated.

3. Sign off your INOX

Sign off your INOX Entry Panel design and place your order. It takes 4 weeks for your bespoke Entry Panel to be manufactured.

4. Delivered

Receive your INOX Entry Panel and prepare for install!

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When to Choose INOX

INOX is ideal for any residential application that requires a bespoke Entry Panel design.

From a simple 1 push button Entry Panel to a metre long digital Entry Panel arriving in a Brass finish – INOX can handle it all.

For High-Volume residential applications, you can use the Elekta INOX panel, which is a flat-plate version of our trusted Elekta Steel Digital Entry Panel.

Some of the projects our Elekta INOX Panel has been used on are shown below:

So, if your project requires a bespoke Entry Panel, use the Urmet INOX range for complete control over your Entry Panel design.

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