Available to download for free, on the iOS & Android App Stores, CallMe allows you to answer Entry Panel calls directly from your smartphone.

With other handy features such as 24/7 access to live Entry Panel camera feeds, & a missed call log, with CallMe, you’re always home.

CallMe is available for both of our Door Entry systems, to download the CallMe app, simply click below…


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Answer Calls from an Urmet Door Entry Panel on a Smartphone

View Live Feeds from Door Entry Panel Cameras

Answer a Call from Anywhere in the World

No License Costs & Free to Download

Available to Download on Both the Android & iOS App Stores

What is Smartphone Calling?

Smartphone calling gives residents the ability to receive a call from an Urmet Door Entry Panel directly on their smartphone, through the use of the Urmet CallMe app.

The resident can answer the incoming call, engage in a 2-way audio & video conversation with the visitor at the Entry Panel, and even unlock the door remotely, all using the CallMe app on their smartphone.

If you’d like to find out more about how Smartphone Calling works for the resident, or how it’s managed, then simply watch the animated video across…

Why Choose CallMe

Answer Entry Panel Calls on your Smartphone

As long as you have an active internet connection, you can answer a call from your building’s Entry Panel, from anywhere in the world, using the CallMe app.

You’ll be able to see the caller on your phone, and engage in a 2-way audio conversation with them. You can even give the caller access to the building, by unlocking the door remotely, all from the CallMe app.

CallMe is Packed Full of Features

CallMe is packed full of other handy features, such as 24/7 access to live Entry Panel Camera feeds, a missed call log, and even the ability to call other apartments directly, using the CallMe app.

CallMe is Free to Download & Use

CallMe is available to download for free on both the Android & iOS app stores. There are also no on-going fees for residents or building managers, for operating & using CallMe in their building.

CallMe In Action

CallMe has been successfully installed at one of our projects in London, called ‘Fresh Wharf’.

Take a look at the video across where one of our installers demonstrates how CallMe works for the resident, by answering a call from the Entry Panel, and allowing the visitor access to the building, all from the CallMe app on their smartphone.

When to Choose CallMe

CallMe is suitable for any residential application, whereby residents need to receive Entry Panel calls directly on their smartphone.

CallMe can be used in any of the following residential applications applications…



Multi-Dwelling Residential

New-Build Developments

Retrofit Systems

Discover CallMe

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