Basic is our entry-level IP touchscreen monitor, that is ideal for developments which require an advanced, yet value-engineered apartment monitor.

Basic has a 7 inch touchscreen display & is powered by Android.

Basic is compatible with our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’.

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Touch Control

Call Divert

CCTV (RTSP) Integration

Audio & Video Voicemail

Smartphone Calling


The New ‘Basic’ Monitor

Why Choose Basic?

Basic offers Lift Destination Control

With Basic, you can control the lift destinations for both residents and visitors. For residents, this means they can call the lift to their floor, or send it to ground to meet a visitor. For visitors however, lift control means that the floors they can access in the lift are limited (i.e. the residents’ floor only), this is a Secured by Design guideline.

Basic has CCTV Integration.

Basic has RTSP, which provides residents with the ability to view their buildings’ live CCTV camera feeds, directly from their Basic apartment monitor. The resident can even take snapshots of the CCTV Camera feeds, and save these images directly on their Basic monitor to either view or export later.

Basic… Not so Basic after all

Despite it’s name, Basic provides advanced functionality, and only has 1-2 fewer features than our more premium VOG 7 touchscreen monitor. With features such as automatic call divert, viewing & snapshotting Entry Panel & CCTV camera feeds, and lift destination control all available out of the box, Basic isn’t so ‘basic’ after all.

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List Price  £430 £675 £1,345 £250
System Compatibility IPerCom IPerCom IPerCom IPerCom
Materials Glass Screen with Grey Plastic Frame Glass Screen with White ABS Plastic Body Glass Screen with Aluminium Frame Plastic Screen with White ABS Plastic Body
Display 7 Inch Touchscreen 7 Inch Touchscreen 10 Inch Touchscreen 5 Inches
Touch Control
Voice Control
Gesture Control
View Entry Panel Camera Feeds
View CCTV Camera Feeds with RTSP
Take Snapshots of Camera Feeds
Lift Destination Control
Call Divert
Audio & Video Voicemail
Smartphone Calling Compatible
Chat Messaging with Other Apartments
Timed Mute
Induction Loop
Custom Ringtones & Wallpapers
Built-in App Store
Built-in Mifare Reader

When to Choose Basic

An advanced, yet value-engineered apartment monitor; Basic is ideal for any development that requires a 7 inch IP touchscreen, from multi-dwelling residential to high-end developments, Basic can do it all.

Basic can be used in any of the following applications…

Multi-Dwelling Residential


High-Rise Developments

New Build Developments

Retrofit/System Upgrades

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Not so Basic after all.

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