2Smart is one of our digital video Entry Panel ranges, designed for multi-dwelling residential applications.

2Smart is available in flush or surface, in a brushed vandal resistant stainless-steel finish.

2Smart is compatible with our 2 wire Door Entry system ‘2Voice’ and requires our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ to function.

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Wide Angle Colour Camera (120°)

Voice Announcements with Display Icons

4” Colour Display with Presence Sensor

Built-in IPassan Panel
Mount Reader

Illuminated Braille

Why Choose 2Smart?

2Smart is UL293 Certified.

UL293 certification is the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation. It means that 2Smart can be installed individually, as a standalone product on the building and still meet Secured by Design guidelines – so if you’re aiming for Secured by Design compliance, when using 2Smart, you don’t need to worry.

2Smart is fully integrated with IPassan.

2Smart is integrated with our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ to provide a seamless Door Entry & Access Control solution, extra functionality such as event logging with definable thresholds, and lift management are available out of the box.

2Smart is flexible.

2Smart was designed specifically for multi-dwelling buildings, that have either single or multiple entrances. Ideal for the current UK market, 2Smart can provide a Door Entry solution for any multi-dwelling residential application.

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Elekta Steel

Elekta Glass

System Compatibility 2Voice 2Voice / IPerCom 2Voice / IPerCom
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Black Glass
Finish Brushed Matt / Polished Polished
Display 4 Inch Colour TFT Display 3.5 Inch Colour TFT Display 3.5 Inch Colour TFT Display
Camera Wide Angle (120°) Wide Angle (120°) Wide Angle (120°)
Buttons/Keypad Illuminated (with Braille) Illuminated (with keypad reference dot) Illuminated (soft touch)
Voice Announcements Yes Yes (2Voice Only) Yes (2Voice Only)
Call Status Display Icons Yes Yes Yes
Proximity Reader Built In Built In / Cut-out Only Built In
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP54 IP45 IP44
Impact Protection (IK) Rating IK08 IK09 N/A
Vandal Resistant Yes Yes No
Secured by Design Accreditation Secured by Design UL293 Certification – The Highest Secured by Design Accreditation for Entry Panels Tested & Certified as a Critical Component Part None

When to Choose 2Smart.

2Smart was designed specifically for UK-based, multi-dwelling residential applications; and being Secured by Design UL293 certified as well, if you have a multi-dwelling residential project that needs to comply with Secured by Design guidelines (like all developments in London do), then you should choose 2Smart.

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