Bluetooth Access Credentials give residents the ability to use their smartphone, in place of a traditional token, to gain access to their building.

With high level Mifare Plus encryption, the resident simply either presents their phone to the reader, or unlocks the door remotely from the app, to gain access to their building.

All the resident needs is the Urmet K App, which can be downloaded for free on both the Android & iOS App Stores.

Mifare Plus 128 Bit AES Encryption

Proximity or Long Range Access

No On-Going License Costs

No Additional Hardware

How does it work for the resident?

Bluetooth Credentials work in the same way that standard tokens work, the only difference is that Bluetooth Credentials are virtual and on your smartphone.

You can have 2 different types of Bluetooth Credential, these are…

Proximity Only Access

Known as ‘Handsfree’ Mode, simply present your phone to the reader (no need to unlock your phone or open the K App) to gain access to the building.

Works at a range of 20 centimetres.

Proximity & Long Range Access

No change to proximity access. For Long Range access, simply open the K App & press the ‘unlock’ button next to the door you need to access.

Works up to 15 metres.

To benefit from Bluetooth credentials, the resident simply downloads the Urmet K App, for free, from either the iOS or Android App Stores.

When the resident opens the app for the first time, their access permissions automatically load into their K App, and they can start using their Bluetooth credentials immediately, no set up required.

How does it work for the Installer?

Requiring no additional hardware on site, all of our readers are now Bluetooth compatible.

Bluetooth credentials are set up & managed on IPassan Manager, because of this, it means that you can have both Bluetooth Credentials & physical tokens on one site.

However, to use Bluetooth Credentials on site, you first need to purchase ‘Bluetooth credits’ from us, which you can use to assign different Bluetooth access credentials, to people on site.

See below for a breakdown of how this works…

One Day Proximity Only Access

1 Credit

Two Week Proximity Only Access

2 Credits

Permanent Proximity Only Access

5 Credits

Permanent Long Range & Proximity Access

20 Credits

So for example, if you buy 100 Bluetooth credits from us, you’ll be able to…

  1. Give 5 people on site ‘Permanent Long Range & Proximity Access’, or…
  2. Give 100 people on site ‘One Day Proximity Only Access’, or even…
  3. Give 10 people on site ‘Permanent Proximity Only Access’, and 5 people ‘1 Day Proximity Only Access’ and still have credits to spare

It’s completely your choice how you use your Bluetooth credits.

Once you’ve purchased Bluetooth credits from us, we’ll deposit your credits into an online ‘Bluetooth Credits’ account for you to access.

From your ‘Bluetooth Credits’ account, you simply choose how many credits you want to give a particular site, and send them across. The Bluetooth credits will go directly into the IPassan Manager software for that site, where you can use these credits to assign Bluetooth access permissions to people on site.

How is it managed?

The Building Manager manages Bluetooth Access permissions from IPassan Manager, in the same way they would manage physical tokens.

From IPassan Manager, the Building Manager can remotely add, edit & delete Bluetooth Access permissions for both residents & visitors.

Once someone’s Bluetooth Access permissions have been changed in IPassan Manager, the K-App on their smartphone is automatically updated with their new Bluetooth access permissions.

Get Started with Bluetooth Smart Credentials