Our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ is fully compatible with ‘Aperio’, the wireless locking solution from Assa Abloy.

The Aperio system is designed to replace traditional mechanical locks (i.e. locks requiring a physical key) with their battery operated, wireless electronic locks.

Integrated & centrally managed in IPassan Manager, Aperio wireless locks extend the reach of our IPassan Access Control system to all internal doors, providing a global access management solution.

Centrally Managed in IPassan

Global Access Management

Increased Event Report Depth

Wireless Communication to Readers

How does it work for the resident?

In short, no change to how it works currently.

As IPassan is fully integrated & compatible with every wireless electronic lock in the Aperio range, from door cylinders to door handles; and, as Aperio wireless locks are centrally managed in IPassan Manager (the management software for ‘IPassan’), it means that the resident only needs one token, to access both the communal & residential areas of the building!

This is because, as it’s all programmed centrally on IPassan Manager, when adding a new resident’s token, the access permissions for communal doors & specific wireless locks can both be programmed, onto one token.

So, the resident can use their same, one token when interacting with either one of our readers, or an Aperio reader, as their token works with both brands of reader!

This is the beauty of a centrally managed Access Control system, with global site management.

How is it managed?

We’ve already touched a bit on how it’s managed on site.

You know by now that everything is centrally managed on one management platform, IPassan Manager, from adding Aperio readers onto the system, to configuring a residents’ wireless lock access rights.

However, what does this mean for the site? And, do Building Managers see any other benefits to this integration, apart from having a central, global Access Control management platform?

In short, yes they do.

As you know, Access Control systems typically control the communal entrances & exits (macro) of a building, but rarely do they control individual residential doors (micro).

This solution, allows the Access Control system to also control the micro, the individual internal residential doors, therefore increasing the reach & scope of the Access Control system.

And this, results in a more secure site! But, how?

Well, for starters it replaces the traditional & mechanical lock & key with a token for every resident, & reader for every internal door – both of which have high-level encryption.

But also, as Aperio wireless locks are managed in IPassan, just like the rest of the Access Control system, it also gives the Building Manager more in-depth event reports too.

This is because they’re able to view system event reports for not just the communal entrances, but also the individual residential entrances as well!

This gives the Building Manager a more complete picture as to what is happening on site, as they can easily see event reports from the 2 separate Access Control systems on site (Aperio & Urmet), for both micro & macro system events, from one central, global access management platform.

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