2Voice is a non‐polarized, two wire video Door
Entry system, designed to control visitor access into a building

The Urmet 2Voice System

is Secured by Design Certified with

a UL293 Certified Panel

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At a Glance

Video entry

Urmet have a UL293 certified Video Entry Panel, our 2Smart Stainless Steel Panel. 2Voice provides video capability over two wires. The ability to see who is at the door through the apartment station provides residents with greater peace of mind.

Lift destination control

With lift management, the lift can be called and sent to the desired floor ‐ meeting Secured by Design requirements by restricting the areas which visitors can reach.

Scalable system platform

2Voice offers a truly scalable system, suitable for a single‐family home through to large residential complexes.

CCTV integration

2Voice cleverly turns the door entry system into a video surveillance system. The images from CCTV cameras can even be viewed on apartment stations.

IP integration

IP integration allows the apartments to be wired with 2Voice whilst the panels are networked; providing simple scalability, multiple concierge units and the monitors from our 2Voice range

Access control integration

By integrating the access control, there is no need for additional wiring and all information can be gathered by the concierge control centre.

2Wire installation

Two non‐polarised wires throughout for a quick and simple installation.

Concierge switchboard

The concierge switchboard allows the concierge to answer calls and transfer them to the relevant apartment, in addition to making and accepting calls from each monitor. Call forwarding is also available, allowing concierge features to work from a mobile phone.

Call forwarding to mobile app

The CallMe app allows residents to transfer video door phone calls to their smartphone/tablet, answering the door even if they are away from home. The app is free to download and available on Android and iOS.

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System Summary

  • 2 wire non polarised system
  • 4‐way distributors with system isolation
  • Monitors with easy DIP switch set up
  • Up to 127 users per riser
  • Up to 32 risers/blocks with up to 2 outdoor stations per riser
  • Up to 4096 users
  • Up to 16 main entrance panels
  • 2 secondary entrance panels per riser
  • System programming via Bluetooth, WiFi direct or via IPassan online access control system
  • Remote relay for secured side lock release
  • 2Voice system products Secured by Design Certified as a Critical Component Part
  • UL293 Certified 2Voice Entry Panel – the Urmet 2Smart Stainless Steel Panel


  • Compatible with a wide range of Urmet entry panels and monitors
  • Compatible with 2Smart digital panel
  • Full integration with IPassan online access control system
  • CCTV integration
  • Integration with Yokis smart home modules
  • Integration with IPassan online access control system for data logging (recording visitor events and lift destination control)
  • Central management of Call forwarding to Urmet CallMe app

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We have written a Solution article dedicated to our 2 wire Door Entry system, 2Voice.

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2Voice Projects

The Laundry Works, Watford
Kingston Road, Surrey
Edinburgh Way, Essex
Chelmer Waterside, Essex (Phases 1 & 2)
Bank House, Newport (Phases 1 – 5)
Victoria Central, Essex
New Hayes, London
Redland Court, Bristol
Kettle Yard, London
Fletton Quays, Peterborough (Phases 1 & 2)
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