Our 2Voice system is a scalable 2 wire Door Entry system, which can facilitate both audio and video calls over just 2 wires.

Designed specifically for multi-dwelling residential applications, 2Voice is installed in over 2 million apartments worldwide, and is the Door Entry system of choice for many security installers.

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What’s New in 2Voice?

New 2Voice Switchboard!

We’ve refreshed the design of our concierge switchboard!

It has all of the functionality of our previous concierge switchboard, but it now arrives with a 10” touchscreen display!

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What is 2Voice?

2Voice is our 2 wire Door Entry system and is 1 of the 2 Door Entry systems that we offer.

2Voice combines simplicity of install with flexibility of application whilst also being packed full of the latest Door Entry features, to provide a scalable system that installers & residents love.

To install 2Voice, you only need 2 wires. All 2Voice monitors are programmed by familiar binary DIP switches, and we provide you with a site-specific connection diagram which outlines every DIP switch setting.

2Voice is ideal for both new build developments, and retrofit systems, as 2Voice works on both CAT5 cabling, but also old BT cable (CW1308), this means that when upgrading an old Door Entry system to a new 2Voice system, you can use the existing building cabling!

Quick & Simple Install
2 Wire Install
DIP Switch Settings
Audio & Video Calls

What Do Our Installers Say?

"It was really easy [to install], just a simple fix in the back box, screw the panel in, put in 2 cables, wire in the reader and it’s done."
Tautvydas Sutkus - Senior Engineer
ProLogic Systems
"I really like the Urmet 2Voice equipment, it's simple & easy to install and program."
David Huntley - Senior Contracts Manager
L M Installations

2Voice Compatible Entry Panels

2Voice Compatible Monitors

Features & Integrations

Since launching in 2010, the Urmet Research & Development team have consistently upgraded 2Voice every year.

This continual development means that even 12 years after launch, 2Voice is still able to provide the latest Door Entry features & integrations to meet todays’ project demands.

For example, 2Voice now has full integration with our IP Door Entry system ‘IPerCom’, and our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’.

Good question.

The phrase ‘full integration’ is banded about a lot at the moment, but for us, essentially it means that both systems seamlessly communicate & integrate with each other, with minimal input, to ‘unlock’ additional functionality.

We’ve included some examples below:

Full integration between 2Voice (Door Entry) & IPassan (Access Control)

Integrating 2Voice & IPassan means that additional functionality such as lift destination control is possible. Lift destination control is explained at length below, but essentially, it’s a way to manage both resident & visitor building access, by limiting the floors they can access when using the lifts.

Other functionality is also ‘unlocked’ when integrated these 2 systems, such as event logging, whereby you can monitor the number of system ‘events’ (e.g. calls to an apartment, number of times a resident has used their fob etc), to help prevent system abuse.

Full Integration between 2Voice (Door Entry) & IPerCom (Door Entry)

Integrating 2Voice and our IP Door Entry system IPerCom also means that additional functionality is ‘unlocked’.

Namely, when using both of these Door Entry systems together in one system, it means you can have the benefits of an IP network (additional functionality and scalability), but with the simplicity of a 2-wire riser installation – basically, it’s a hybrid system.

So now you know that when we say, ‘fully integrated with…’ we mean that the systems seamlessly communicate & integrate with one another, additional functionality is unlocked and crucially, it requires minimal manual effort to do.

Take a look below at just a flavour of what 2Voice can provide to your project, thanks to the continual development of new features and system integrations…

Smartphone Call Forwarding

2Voice can automatically forward a call from an Urmet Door Entry Panel, directly to the residents’ smartphone, via the use of the Urmet CallMe App.

In other words, if the resident is not in, and someone rings their apartment from the Entry Panel, that call can be automatically redirected to the residents’ smartphone, where they can engage in a video or audio conversation with the person at the Entry Panel, and if necessary, allow them access to the building remotely.

So basically, the resident can answer a call to their apartment and allow access to the building, all on their smartphone, from anywhere in the World.

To find out more about our license free Smartphone Call Forwarding solution, click below to read our dedicated solution article…

Find out more about Smartphone Call Forwarding

Lift Destination Control

2Voice has the capability to control the lift destinations for both residents and visitors. This means that both resident and visitor access to various floors can be managed.

For example, visitor building access can be limited to only allow access to the floor of the apartment they’re visiting. So, when the visitor is buzzed into the building by the resident, the lift can be automatically called to ground, and when the visitor steps in, only 1 floor will be illuminated as available in the lift – the floor of the apartment they’re visiting.

This helps to prevent unauthorised visitor access to the building through building compartmentation, which is a Secured by Design guideline.

To find out more about how we can provide lift destination control, click below to read our dedicated solution article…

Find out more about Lift Destination Control

IP Door Entry Integration

2Voice is fully integrated with our IP Door Entry system IPerCom. This means that it is possible to use both of these Door Entry systems within 1 system, creating a ‘hybrid’ 2-wire/IP Door Entry system.

When integrating 2Voice and IPerCom, it means that your project can enjoy the benefits of an IP network (additional functionality & scalability), but you can enjoy the benefits of a simple, 2-wire riser installation.

This 2Voice – IPerCom integration is ideal for projects that require a value engineered, IP Door Entry solution, as it’s more cost effective than an IP-only system!

To find out more about the integration between our Door Entry systems 2Voice & IPerCom, click below to read our dedicated solution article…

Find out more about our 2Voice – IPerCom integration

Secured by Design

2Voice is a Secured by Design accredited Door Entry system, with core 2Voice system products being certified as critical component parts of a doorset by Secured by Design.

As established earlier, 2Voice has a wide range of compatible Door Entry Panels; and in terms of Secured by Design accreditation at least, 2 Entry Panels have gone one step further.

Our Elekta Steel & 2Smart Door Entry panels have achieved UL293 certification – the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation.

If you’d like to find out more about Secured by Design and our associated accreditations, then you can do so by clicking below…

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2Voice Compared

So, we’ve told you what 2Voice is capable of, but how does it compare to equivalent competitor systems?

Well, the table below shows you just how 2Voice shapes up in the market place…



SimpleBus Top



Max Users per Riser 127 128 100 100
Max No. of Risers on One System 32 32 1 100
Max Users on One System 4,096 120,000 100 1,000
Max No. of Main Entrance Panels on One System 16 4 3 8
Compatible Cable Cat5 or CW1308 to monitor and panel (1 twisted pair required) NOTE: no local PSU required for panel Cat5 VCM/1D 2 core cable to monitor and VCM/2D 4 core cable to panel (or equivalent) NOTE: local PSU required for panel Videx specific cable or standard telephone cable
DIP Switch Programming?
Secured by Design Accredited
UL293 Certified System Products
Full Access Control Integration
Smart Home Integration
Lift Destination Control
Smartphone Call Forwarding

Only with XTS 7” monitor
NOTE: requires local PSU

CCTV Integration
2 Wire Installation
Full IP Door Entry Integration

Disclaimer: The information in this table was accurate as of February 2022, and was taken from freely available online system brochures & other similar documentation.

As you can see, 2Voice outperforms a competitor 2 wire system in every single category.

So, if you want a 2 wire Door Entry system that has more functionality than competitor 2 wire systems, and broadly speaking more scalability than competitor 2 wire systems, look no further.


2Voice is ideal for multiple applications, from new builds to replacement systems, be it a small 6 apartment project, to a multi-block high rise development, 2Voice can handle it all.

2Voice is particularly ideal for replacement systems, as it is compatible with both CAT5 cabling, and crucially BTCW1308 cabling (commonly known as BT cable). This means that when upgrading an old Door Entry system to 2Voice, you can use the existing building cabling!

The best bit? There are no limitations to functionality when using existing building cabling. So, when upgrading to 2Voice, residents can enjoy the latest features such as smartphone call forwarding, without you having to re-cable the building – it couldn’t be simpler.

2Voice is ideal for any of the following applications…

Residential Buildings
Retrofit Systems

2Voice in Action!

2Voice has recently been used on a project called Chelmer Waterside in Chelmsford, Essex. Chelmer Waterside is a multi-dwelling residential development consisting of over 500 apartments using Urmet Door Entry & Access Control!

If you’d like to find out more about our project at Chelmer Waterside, then you can watch the video across to be walked through the site…

Why Choose 2Voice

Apart from being installed in over 2 million apartments worldwide, and being our best-selling system, there are 4 fundamental reasons why you should choose 2Voice to be your go to 2 wire Door Entry system…


Ease of Install

Requiring only 2 wires for install, programmed via DIP switches and with the ability to utilise existing building cabling, installing a 2Voice system is quick and simple, no matter if it’s a new build project, or an existing system upgrade.



2Voice is packed full of features, offering functionality such as smartphone call forwarding that residents love, or lift destination control which helps to keep the building secure; 2Voice provides the latest in Door Entry technology.



Fully integrated with our IP Door Entry system IPerCom, and our IP Access Control system ‘IPassan’ to provide additional functionality such as visitor & resident event logging. 2Voice can be seamlessly integrated to meet your projects’ needs.



Accredited by Secured by Design, and with 2Voice Entry Panels having achieved UL293 certification, the highest level of Secured by Design accreditation, you can be sure that when using 2Voice, you’re using a secure, accredited system.

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