Recently, we have seen a significant uptick in the amount of refurbishment system quotes; with 43% of all new system quotes and orders now being referenced as ‘Refurbishment Systems’.

But why is this happening?

Well here at Urmet, we are proud to say that we provide spare parts and technical support for all of our previously installed systems, even for our older systems which are now 40 years old! However, with new features continuously being released on Urmet Door Entry & Access Control systems, residents living in buildings with out-of-date systems are getting technologically left behind, and are increasingly more frustrated with faults appearing within their building.

So the question residents and installers are asking themselves is, at what point does it become uneconomical to maintain a system?

A popular Urmet solution, that is chosen by our customers, for these Refurbishment systems is our 2 Wire ‘2Voice’ system, used in conjunction with our made-to-order 2Steel Entry Panel.

Door Entry Installers love our 2Steel Panel due to the fact that it is highly customisable, take a look at just some of these customisable features below:

Below, we have included a drawing that demonstrates just one of the numerous customer variations of this panel, take a look!

Ok, so 2Steel looks great, but why is your 2 Wire 2Voice system perfect for Refurbishment Systems?

2Voice makes it easy for the installer to upgrade an old Door Entry system with minimal disruption to site, whilst also providing brand new features to residents…

For more information about our 2Voice system, or about our 2Steel Panel, please contact our customer service team at, or submit a ticket to us by clicking here.